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Guidance for holidays in September and October around the world!

Some claim September and October to be one of the best periods to go for holidays. However, do you know where to go to have the best vacation experience?

Wondering when to go where for the best vacation experience in September or October? The weather is optimal in many spots. And do you know the very best thing about taking a vacation at this time of year? Kids are in school, so you're unlikely to encounter the hordes of family travelers who fill popular destinations during summer vacation time. Odds are you will find some of the best fall weather in:

As summer turns to fall, foliage emerges and trees transform hills into a patchwork of colors. Crisp fall days are perfect for leaf-peeping, the last state fairs of the season, and romance.
Best Resorts for Fall Foliage
New England & Northeast US
Western US
State Fairs

Yes, much of the Caribbean remains under a hurricane watch during the early autumn months (it's not lifted until November 30). Yet you can still find a place in the sun, and under the hurricane belt, in the Caribbean's A-B-C islands:
Central and western Mexico

September and October are perfect months to visit Europe. The weather has cooled down from summer and the crowds are noticeably smaller. Places that you couldn't get into just a few months ago are now likely to welcome you with open arms.

Close to the equator, there's little variation in temperature. Yet couples find even this part of the world less crowded in September and October.

Year-round, the weather's just about perfect inHawaii
Somewhere around the world, every month of the year, a cruise ship is sailing some place wonderful.
Beat the Crowds
South America
New Zealand
Kids are back in school. Lines at theme parks shorten.
Not the Best Time to Visit Hurricanes may threaten Florida, the Eastern seaboard, the Western Caribbean, and Mexico’s Gulf Coast.

How much would you pay to escape from a screaming Baby in-flight?

We have all been there; in your hand the perfect Boarding Card with a decent seat, a great airline to serve you, but when you get to the seat a crying Baby right next to you or several crying babies all around you! Now my life has turned the other way round, as I am the apologetic parent taking care fot he crying baby, what else can you do?

Well, finally airlines are beginning to listen! A Budget airline called Scoot is now offering passengers the option to upgrade their seats to a dedicated a "Quiet Zone" where crying babies and children are banned.

Scoot, is the low cost wing of Singapore Airlines and now offers customers the option of a peaceful flight for the cost of around $15 USD. The promise is focused on exclusivity and privacy. here away under 12 year olds are banned from the first 7 rows of its economy 41-seat section.

Moreover, each seat in the quiet zone, comes with extra leg room; up to 35 inches in fact, which is 4 more inches than a standard economy seat.

Elsewhere in the industry, another low cost airline "AirAsia" (voted the worlds best Budget airline with a hub in Malaysia) also prevented babies from appearing in certain sections of its planes.

Additionally Malaysia Airlines banned babies generally from 1st Class cabins in its Airbus A380's and its Boeing 747 1st Class cabins as a result of written complaints from repeat passengers concerning noise from babies and children alike.

The Cyprus Citizenship Program - How to find freedom in an unfree world!

Freedom is the opportunity to live your life the way you want it. These are the words of Harry Browne who wrote the book "How I found freedom in an unfree world".

As a leading Immigration Advisory Group, we are assisting our clients worldwide and providing essential solutions to our High Net worth Clients interested in advantageous programs that offer them and their family's visa free travelling, EU Permanent Residency & Citizenship, a Safe Investment in Residential and Commercial Property, legal and tax solutions.

Under our Group's specialized guidance we advise and assist businessmen and their family's to expand their business into the European Union and beyond.

The Cyprus Citizenship Program is currently one of the most desirable Immigration Programs in Europe attracting a huge response due to the very attractive key benefits

Key points:
  • Passports to be issued within a period of approximately 90 days
  • Passports to be issued to the investor, their married spouse & dependent children up to age 28
  • No requirement to physically reside in Cyprus for any given period of time
  • It enables access to the excellent education and healthcare institutes in Cyprus and the EU
  • FREEHOLD residential and FREEHOLD commercial properties with excellent rental yield
Cyprus allows dual citizenship
  • It's very beneficial to have dual citizenship, particularly European, for many reasons including:
  • Cypriot citizens enjoy the freedom to live, work and travel throughout Europe
  • Cypriot passport holders are entitled to travel visa-free to more than 140 countries
  • Cypriot passport holders can quickly and cost-effectively obtain visas for other countries, such as the USA.
Tax benefits
Applicant does not become a tax resident in Cyprus, unless he/she spends more than 183 days in any one calendar year.

The added value our Group can offer Clients:
1. The Citizenship by Investment law and regulations in Cyprus requires from a single investor to invest in a residential property for their own purpose to the minimum value of €500K and invest additionally €5 million plus VAT in residential or commercial property.

According to the new regulation a group of 5 investors who submit their applications as a Group Investment (not necessarily the investments purchased from the same project), allows each individual investor to either invest in a single real estate residential property to the value of €2.5 million plus 5% VAT and no transfer fees.

Alternatively to purchase residential and commercial properties combined to the value of €3 million which will include a residential property for their own purpose to the value of minimum €500K or above. The property which will be declared as their own residential property will mean that the owner will enjoy the benefit of having to only pay the 5 % VAT and no transfer fee, but all other investment properties within the €3 million investment then the VAT will be payable at the rate of 19% and will also pay the transfer fees.

The individual application is than submitted as part of the total investment requirement of €12.5 million

2. Our network of overseas associates regularly have clients who are interested and ready to begin the group investment program, therefore we are continually in a position to coordinate a group of investors and can include you within this group of the investment as described above.

3. Our company accountant and legal advisor can provide the investor with professional assistance and services to establish a company in Cyprus offering the best solutions when purchasing their investment assets and the best options when it comes to reselling the properties without having to pay the capital gains tax on the accumulated profits, which will be explained by our Company accountant and legal advisor.

4. As our Group has real estate properties in very attractive and prime locations, we can offer either beach front or city centre properties that can provide a high rental yield and excellent growth investment potential, as well being desirably resalable after the 3rd year of receiving citizenship.

5. As our Group are also property developers we can offer to the client a high quality maintenance, rental and management service.

6. Our group has established a connection with the authorities and can confidently achieve the success of the approval for the client provided that the applicant fulfils the required criterion.

7. Even though the law requires full payment of the properties prior to submission of the application, our legal department suggests to hold the clients funds in a clients account and will release the funds simultaneously upon receipt of approval or returned to the client if they are not approved. This is our way of assuring and securing the client’s funds and interests at all times.

Steps and Procedures
1. Our Company will issue an invitation letter and Assumption of Responsibility for Hosting document to the Cyprus Embassy or Consulate in the country where the client is residing and monitor the invitation process until visa issuance.

2. During the clients visit he will be our Companies responsibility and will be collected from the airport, escorted on property inspection trips, accompanied on meetings with the legal department and in the evenings our Company can show the client local hospitality. The clients visit will be scheduled until the point of their departure.

3. After the client has chosen their desired investment properties, they will meet with the legal department for the signing of limited Power of Attorney which authorizes the lawyer to carry out the necessary Land Registry transactions and submission of the application for naturalization on behalf of the client. During this meeting the client will arrange the reservation deposit to secure their investment properties and will pay this to the Lawyers client’s account.

4. Following the client’s approval, the applicant, his spouse and children should visit Cyprus for a maximum period of 15 days in order to issue their Cyprus European Passport and Cyprus European ID.

Citizenship & Legal fees: Total of €40,000 + VAT

The following information is available on request:
  1. Decision of the Council of Ministers: The Law and Criteria for the Naturalization of Investors Scheme as per the Cyprus council of Ministers Decision dated 19/3/2014. This is a public documents and can be found on the net.
  2. Free Visa Entry Countries: A list for Cyprus Passport Holders
  3. Frequently Asked Questions: We compiled a list of FAQ's answers to key questions
  4. Why Quality?: a brief history of our Company, our Mission, Vision & Values and In House Services
  5. M127: A copy of the form that will be completed for the Passport Application and will be accompanied by a number of other documents.
  6. Necessary Documents: Required Documents List for Cyprus Citizenship
For any additional information you may require, please click here: Cyprus Citizenship Program

World's Top Airport Runway Approaches Listed

The best 10 airport approaches in the world have been listed in a new report produced by aviation firm PrivateFly. The airport locations vary from busy urban locations to barren landscapes, but all give pilots and passengers exhilarating and striking views as they prepare to make contact with the approaching runways. Sion Airport in Switzerland heads the list, sat in an Alpine valley that inbound aircraft fly through before landing, while the dramatic Princess Juliana International Airport comes in second.

The remainder of the top ten best airports list is comprised of St Barts Airport, Gibraltar Airport, St Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Madeira Airport, London City Airport, Lukla Airport, Las Vegas McCarran Airport and, finally, Barra Airport.

World’s Top Airport Approaches
Switzerland’s Sion is described in the world’s top airport approaches list as ‘Europe’s most stunning airport’. Two months ago, it was awarded another accolade when it won a high-profile airport safety award. St Gallen-Altenrhein is the other Swiss airport on the list and, again, it’s the surrounding, mountainous terrain that gives it a ‘wow’ factor. Princess Juliana International Airport is on the Caribbean island of St Maarten and lies directly beyond a well-attended beach resort. Popular with holidaymakers, the beach setting approach is perhaps even more popular among aircraft enthusiasts, who flock there from all corners of the globe to watch large airliners approaching from out over the sea, and skimming metres above the beach before their wheels hit the tarmac. Princess Juliana has a single, 7,400-foot long runway and a single terminal, but is a major international gateway and is used by airliners including Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines and KLM. St Barts Airport is very close by but is vastly different. Here, ‘very tight angles, hills, unusual wind conditions and the short runway’ make for a technically difficult runway approach.

Gibraltar Airport is owned by the Ministry of Defence and serves as a joint military/civil site. It is unusual in that a main road crosses the runway, which is closed to allow aircraft arrivals and departures to take place as normal. ‘The rock of Gibraltar looms large on the stunning approach, causing unusual wind patterns and turbulence’, PrivateFly says.
Airport Runway Approaches

Madeira Airport extends out over the sea, with a column-mounted runway section, while a large portion of the single passenger terminal is situated below ground level. London City, meanwhile, offers a ‘highly scenic approach over world-famous London landmarks’ and a airport runway approach that’s markedly steeper and more spectacular than at other airports, while Nepal’s Lukla Airport sits over 9,000 above sea level, has a sloping runway and can only accept the smallest and highest-performance passenger aircraft types. ‘With a sheer rock face of hundred metres high at the end of the runway, there is no margin for error’, PrivateFly explains.

The last two sites in the best airports list couldn’t be more contrasting. Las Vegas McCarran blends natural desert surroundings with central, illuminated lustre, while Scotland’s Barra Airport is unique in the world in being situated on a beach. ‘Visitors and cockle-pickers share use of the beach, with signs asking them to observe the windsock to see if the airport is in operation’, PrivateFly writes.

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