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What If…?

What if you did something today to lift someone up? What if you smiled and were the first to start a conversation? What if you decided to show compassion instead of judging? What if you decided to take a risk and a chance? What if you gave it your all? What if you spent the time with those you loved disconnected from smartphones? What if you took the trip you have always wanted? What if you went into the project with an open mind? What if you woke up and decided that today is going to be amazing? What if you just did it even though you don’t know all of the answers? What if you changed your perspective? What if you decided to go for it? What if if it all works out better than expected? What if you do fantastic? What if…?  

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Digital Meets Real World

So with the launch of the new app Meerkat and all of the people taking live video of their lives (even video of them going to Walgreens at 2 am), it has gotten me to believe that maybe some people have gone too far into the digital realm. Do we really need to watch a live video of you grocery shopping or late night eats? I believe that digital does have its place as it gives us an opportunity to connect with others that we might not have had the chance to otherwise; however, there is a line in the sand drawn between the digital and real worlds. If you spend more time in the digital world than in the real world, are you truly living life to the fullest? Let me put this into perspective. Are you consistently tweeting, instagraming, snapchating, meerkating, posting on tumblr instead of talking to […]

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Are you the happiest right now?

That is the question the Starbucks manager asked as I was ordering my americano. My reply was a succint and confident “Yes.” His look was stunned. “Really?” he said. “Without a doubt,” I replied “Would you change anything?” “Maybe on a flight somewhere,” I said. “Where to?” “Wherever the first flight takes me. All I need is my camera.” “Really. Even to Minnesota?” “Yes. Even Minnesota.” He was beyond disbelief in my response, and as I took my americano I said, “Enjoy today.” I learned at an early age that tomorrow is not guaranteed and we have to live each day to the fullest and with intention. Stepping away from this conversation was enlightening to see how others view life. My answer was a 100% true. We get into the mentality that we need this, want this, need to be here or go there without truly enjoying the moment that we are […]

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Adventures and Uncertainty

The adventures and uncertainty make it all worthwhile. I love adventures- going on them, doing incredible things for the first time, and saying “Please don’t leave me at the top of this mountain.” It’s seeing the open road and chasing time to climb the hill to capture that perfect sunset skyline picture. It’s having that one of a kind meal that you’ll remember forever. It’s laughing endlessly with your friends saying “How in the world did this happen?” It’s taking the initiative to go for it when all of the cards are not in place. It’s relying on living life instead of worrying. If I worried about everything, I wouldn’t have done anything. That’s where we have to draw the line. Stop worrying and start believing that it is possible and that the roller coaster adventure of life will work out.

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