Paradise Is At Your Fingertips With Dominican Republic's New Global Travel App

Traveling to Dominican Republic is easier than ever with the newly released Dominican Republic Travel App. Unveiled by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism, the global app puts travel in the palm of travelers' hands and provides an all-in-one experience to plan, book, manage and maximize upcoming travel.

11/02/2014 12:31

Backpackers By Tourismembassy

Travelling is arguably the most intriguing and thrilling thing that one can   undertake. This is because of the reason that travelling not only   presents you with a chance to see new places but also enjoy great experiences. Further, the adrenaline that travelers get is unmatchable by any other kind of activity as travelling revolves around exploration and sightseeing among other outstanding experiences. What’s more important is that travelers get a very unique chance of being able to learn new things thereby adding onto their knowledgeability. Each destination is different from any other and as such has a new experience to offer.

20/09/2013 13:50