Impact of the music industry in the tourism industry

18/10/2013 12:58

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Impact of the music industry in the tourism industry

Impact of the music industry in the tourism industry

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The tourism industry has topped as one of the fastest developing sectors of the global economy. This unique success has been attributed to a number of factors most notably the impact of that the music industry has had on tourism. In the present day, music flows in arguably each and every sector of the economy. As such, it has had great influences on tourism and has thereby left behind a trail of benefits on the sector. Over the years, music has been revolutionalized a lot leading to emerging trends in the music industry. It is very important to note that there are a number of ways through which music has affected tourism either directly or indirectly.

It is widely known that music and travel go hand in hand with each other. These sectors are mutually dependent on each other and growth of one sector leads to a corresponding growth in the other sector. When you pay close attention to music and the impact that it has on an individual, you will realize the fact that music is a perfect time machine that motivates individuals to travel from one point to the other. When you watch music videos and see different cities and towns featured in the video, there is an internal excitement that motivates you to visit that town. This is so as to see and experience what the city/town has to offer at first hand.

Music has been one of the great ways of promoting tourism all across the globe. This is mainly due to the fact that in most instances, music helps in displaying the beauty and elegance of a city at its best. One of the most important aspects that are put to consideration in the production of music videos is quality. As such, directors of these videos ensure that they are able to search for the best scenery that has outstanding scenic beauty that is in turn to be used in selling the video to as many fans as possible. Research studies show that music videos recorded in beautiful cities like California, Johannesburg, Long Island and other cities are set to have great success when released in the market. Consequently, this has made it quite easy to promote tourism in these cities as the videos present the first scenic beauty of the cities.

Music has great abilities and potential especially due to its addictive nature. Many times, music creates great anxiety and curiosity in the minds of people such that they can move from one corner of the earth to the other just to see an artist perform.  Such movement offers a great boast to tourism especially due to the reason that it helps in boosting tourism activities in such a city. What’s better about music is that there are specific die hard fans that make very long pilgrimages just to visit the town/city in which a specific musician was born. This gets better especially if such a city has been featured in a music video.  The best thing about such featuring is that it makes it entirely very easy to create great interest to see aspects featured in the video at first hand.

When travelling, music can easily draw you to great adventure by giving you a feeling of nostalgia for home and making you feels welcome and equally settled. For instance, Roger Whittaker’s song on Kenya titled ‘My land is Kenya’ brings about nostalgic feelings for you to visit Kenya.  

Youtube link : My Land is Kenya

In real essence, music is usually a call to action that hints to us to go and visit a specific place to experience world class comfort and fun.  Tourism mainly revolves around providing elegant scenic features that are set to bring about great satisfaction to tourists.  Festivals have been one of the ways through which music has had great positive impacts on tourism.  A case in study, just recently in South Africa the annual Cape Town Jazz Festival attracted a crowd of not less than 34,000 people drawn from all over the world. These numbers left an incredible mark in the country’s tourism sector especially due to increase in tourism activities during the festival. Other than the tourism industry, there are other sectors that benefitted from these festivals. These are sectors such as the hotel industry due to massive bookings of hotels and other accommodation facilities.

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