The umbrella girls takes all eyes in all motor races around the world

30/11/2014 12:38

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The umbrella girls takes all eyes in all motor races around the world

Umbrella Girls, F1 Motor Show and Tourism

 Vehicles have always fascinated human beings. As a society, people tend to enjoy high-speed races as it gives them new thrills to watch one vehicle race against the other. Formula 1, also known as F1 race, was born out of this thrill for high-speed car race. In fact, F1 races are the highest form of car race where drivers from different countries race with each other to win the championship.

 The umbrella girls takes all eyes

Besides entertaining the audience, F1 races also generate revenue for the local governments and businesses where these shows are held. Due to the wild popularity of F1 shows, visitors travel to the host city from different parts of the same country and from other countries to watch these shows. This influx of tourists brings gives the local tourism industry a big boost as visitors spend on hotels and restaurants. Moreover, these tourists are likely to visit the local sightseeing places, and this also adds money to government coffers.

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A case in point is the Australian Grand Prix race that takes place in the Australian city of Melbourne every year. This event brings in enormous revenue for the city. Last year alone, it is estimated that 323,000 people viewed this race, out of which 25,000 people came from other Australian states and 9,000 people traveled from other countries. These visitors spent millions of dollars on hotels and restaurants, with some main hotels such as Accor and Crown reporting bumper bookings. It is estimated that the city gets an average revenue of $32 to $39 million from these races. Other than this revenue, event sponsors also pay money to the local government which means, there is enough money to improve infrastructure, amenities and other aspects that would increase the overall quality of life for the residents of Melbourne.


Another advantage that comes with F1 race is the publicity that a host country gets for its tourism. Every race is viewed by people across 200 countries, so the host country gets to showcase its beauty to the rest of the world through this race. Such exposure attracts more investment and brings in more tourists to the country. In this sense, F1 races help the tourism industry of the host country in a profound way.


Along with these promotions, the local tourism boards tend to use this opportunity to host other shows that give visitors a glimpse into the country's cultural and social life. An example of such an event is the one taken by the Singapore Tourism Board that launched its “One Stop Non Stop” theme ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix in 2014. As a part of this theme, more than 70 cultural events were lined up to pique the interest of visitors. Along with these events, Singapore is also showcasing its National Museum and the MegaZip Adventure Park by offering discounts to visitors who want to buy the entire package. This promotion is another innovative way to show-off a country's pride to visitors and at the same time, it helps to bring back repeat visitors.


Other than tourism boards and the hospitality industry of the host nations, F1 races also benefit hundreds of models and modeling agencies. These models are used effectively by the promoters of F1 race to showcase the event as well as to promote the products and services of event sponsors. Many of these models are a part of sports boutique modeling agencies, which means they are familiar with the intricate aspects of F1 racing and can promote the same to all kinds of audiences. The services of these models include autograph and photo sessions with visitors and distributing pamphlets and memorabilia to the audience. These models are beautiful and attractive, so visitors are drawn towards them.


For these models, F1 racing is a great platform to showcase their beauty and talent to the entire world. In fact, these races give models the much-needed publicity that can get them more contracts and modeling opportunities. Along with the models, it also provides employment and business opportunities to modeling agencies that hire and train these models. An example of such a modeling agency that has benefited from F1 racing is the Umbrella Girls of the US. It employs some of the best models in the industry to give the audience a memorable experience and the sponsors get good mileage and publicity. In this sense, F1 racing boosts the modeling industry along with tourism.


In short, F1 races are hugely popular worldwide and tourism boards vie with each other to host this event as it gives a big boost to the local hospitality and tourism industry. At the same time, such races help models and modeling agencies too by giving them the perfect platform to showcase their talents. When these models come to F1 races because of its popularity, the event gets more viewership that in turn, bodes well for the tourism industry. All in all, when it comes to hosting F1 races, every city is a winner.









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