Tourismembassy the world embassy of tourism announces new features

21/02/2015 10:41

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Tourismembassy the world embassy of tourism announces new features

February, 2015

Experts agree when it comes to planning a vacation, knowledge is power. This carries over from everywhere to seeing all there is to see, to experiencing the best restaurants or other social highlights, to saving money and staying on budget. Fortunately, TourismEmbassy, is a recently launched social platform and network expertly geared towards providing in-depth information about almost anywhere in the world. The unique project serves both travelers and tourism professionals, bringing them together in a way that's aimed at being a win/win for everyone concerned.

“We're very happy to upgrade our platform and network,” commented JC Nieto, CEO of Tourismembassy. “With these changes the user experience has improved within Tourismembassy. Thanks to this new look and feel, we are now closer to our ultimate goal. Our aim is to create the best user experience within the platform and to be recognized as the World's Embassy of Tourism!”

According to the company, one of the focuses of the site is to give travelers accurate and trustworthy information about destinations they are planning to travel to, or have arrived at, and to help connect them with tourism service providers. Everything from flights, to hotels and restaurants can be explored, along with their rates, making it a valuable resource for travelers who are attempting to stay on budget. It also gives tourism providers a engaged audience to share information about their company or service with, in targeted marketing towards people very interested in exploring what they have to offer.

For maximum user convenience Tourismembassy can be read in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian and Portuguese.

User feedback concerning the site has been incredibly positive across the board.

Rebecca, a traveler expert who is traveling the world with two laps completed, recently said, “Amazing site. How wonderful it is to travel and experience new cultures... sharing and learning from others is what fulfills me more and enriches me as a person. Next stop New Delhi. Will you join me?”

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