Tourism trends

Circular economy in tourism

Explore the transformative power of a circular economy in tourism: sustainable practices, benefits, and strategies for reducing environmental impact while boosting economic growth. Learn how adopting circular principles can enhance tourism experiences and align with global sustainability goals.

20/04/2024 08:30

Drones in tourism, the new partner for aerial videos.

High-definition low-altitude videography by drones

Whether you want to promote a building, a skyscraper, producing a rock concert or climbing a sheer rock cliff, promote a tourist destination or a landscape of your country etc...Drones are now the ultimate tool that will give added dimension to the beauty of your place, destination, event...

28/09/2014 10:24

Corrupt tour, another way to boost the tourism industry

Role of Corruption and fraud in boosting Tourism

Corrupt tours another way to understand a country 

14/09/2014 08:58

Save the children

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in the world, and sadly they are also the group that is being exploited the most. They are abused physically, emotionally and sexually, and are projected as attractions in tourism. There are many examples of such abuses taking place under the veil of tourism.

07/09/2014 13:39

Best Fashion cities of the World

Entertainment and fashion are evergreen attractions for tourists. In fact, many popular tourist destinations around the world thrive on its fashion quotient, attracting millions of visitors every year. These cities have vibrant boutique showrooms that line its main streets, and almost every major brand in the world have a presence in these cities.

31/08/2014 04:49

#Ayer #Capital #Advisors & The #Wankawala #Organization Acquire a Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hotel

Ayer Capital Advisors ("Ayer Advisors"), an investment firm, and The Wankawala Organization ("TWO"), a hotel owner and management firm are pleased to announce the acquisition of a 78-room Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hotel, located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  Ayer will work with The Wankawala Organization to manage the property.

07/03/2014 11:30

Lipton® Inspires People

Lipton® Inspires People

Lipton® revealed plans for the launch of its "Be More Tea™ campaign," a new global brand positioning encouraging people to snap out of their routines and to embrace each day with a more present, playful and thoughtful mindset. The campaign will kick off with a 60-second spot to air during the Academy Awards featuring the Muppets as they prepare for their upcoming movie "Muppets Most Wanted."

26/02/2014 15:23

Domino's Pizza #Financial #Results Demonstrate #Global #Momentum

Domino's Pizza #Financial #Results Demonstrate #Global #Momentum

Domino's Pizza Financial Results Demonstrate Global Momentum

Delivers 21.9% EPS Growth in the Fourth Quarter; Dividend Increases 25%

25/02/2014 11:42

Tourismembassy sponsor Las Vegas Talk Radio - Las Vegas USA-

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The use of new technologies in the tourism industry

Technology has had great impacts on the tourism as well as other sectors affiliated to tourism.  These are sectors such as transport, communication and tours among other sectors. Over the years, the use of technology in tourism has been enhanced uniquely to provide very exclusive services all across the globe. In the recent past when technology was rarely used in the tourism sector, most services were of very poor quality and equally unreliable. However, with time technology has gone a long way in improving the quality of service delivery in the tourism sector.

23/10/2013 13:26

Fast developing tourism trends

The tourism sector has over the years remained to be one of the most lucrative sectors of the economy. This is because of the reason that it is a sector that is not only very lucrative but also has great potential that can bring great returns if fully exploited. However, even with the great potential that lies in this sector the global tourism scene has not been put to its full use. This has had a great impact on the growth of tourism globally. Even so, the sector has been shaping up at a fast pace in a way that there are   new trends in tourism. These trends are such as:

20/09/2013 14:18