Drones in tourism, the new partner for aerial videos.

28/09/2014 10:24

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Best Drones are Shaping the Tourism Industry

in a Big Way Tourism industry and technology go hand in hand, where one impacts the other in a big way. Latest advancements made in the field of science and technology has made travel much easier than before. It has taken people to places that were inaccessible before, and more importantly, people could get a glimpse of their destination even before they visit.On the other hand, tourism has fueled the demand for technological products, that in turn, has led to much innovation and development in this field.

The latest technological product that has created a stir in the tourism industry is the use of drones. They are unmanned aerial vehicles that can fly without a human crew. In the past, it had been used by the US military during wars and for espionage purposes. However, they are now used for other civilian purposes such as tourism where it brings many benefits for service providers and customers alike.

Joan Lesan (see his profile in tourismembassy.com https://tourismembassy.com/es/u2/joan-lesan-corretge-1 or his website at www.joanlesan.com ) tell us that the civilian use of drones is more and more important now a days. When it comes to promote a tourist attraction or a tourism destination, drones are now the best partners.

Drones gives the ability to make the camera fly. Profesionals photographers and videos producers have now the perfect tool to create the best videos or the best pictures. Drones helps to show a natural environement or the inside of any bulding from a different point of view. Amazing videos and pictures are now created by the professional who fly drones.

In addition to being much less expensive and polluting than conventional helicopters, drones can fly a few meters high and provide a new way to show the world. Tourismembassy.com always recommends to hire professionals for this type of jobs. Remember that flying drones is not a game and only best professionals are well prepared. They always know how to handle every situation.... Keep Calm and fly safely!

Joan Lesan, the men who fly Drones

A flight inside La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (amazing video, not to be missed)


Lleida Landscapes


Benefit for Travelers Drones are a boon for travelers as it can give them a much better picture about a place. They can view close-range aerial images before deciding if a particular destination or activity is right for them. For example, travelers who plan to travel to Switzerland, France or Italy can view a particular area from air before deciding to travel there. A website based in Switzerland offers this service and it has captured more than 3,500 images and videos of different areas. Currently, it offers views for 12 areas in Geneva, ten in Lausanne and two for the Vevey-Montreux region. These views are realistic and are of much better quality than Google Street Views. Some videos even give a walk-through of the entire region, so users can see everything from footpaths to sports fields, mountains and valleys and just about anything else. Based on these images and videos, travelers can plan their vacation by choosing the specific regions they want to visit.

Another advantage with such drones is that it gives travelers a virtual traveling experience. There are many people who would be unable to visit places because of their physical and economic limitations. For such people, videos and images captured by drones are a blessing as it helps them to see every nook and corner of a place without actually visiting it. It can also be a cost-effective way to see a place, especially for those who cannot afford to travel.

Lastly, drones have opened the world for adventure travelers who like to go to places that are not accessible to everyone. Drones can capture images of these inaccessible places to give adventure travelers a better idea of the possible ways to explore a new region.

Other than travelers, drones are helpful for service providers and for the tourism industry as a whole. Benefit for Service Providers For service providers and tourism boards, drones are a great way to showcase the beauty of their region to the entire world. It offers close-up views that can show a particular region in new light. Moreover, drones have made it possible to take images of remote places to help adventure travels to better plan their trip. This surge in the use of drones has fueled the growth of adventure tourism worldwide, from Africa to the Arctic to New Zealand.

Besides giving a glimpse of the place, drones are also used to take selfies. Designed to cater to a younger audience, drones will record an eight to ten second video that will start with a close-up and will pan back to reveal the entire location. This innovative idea of using drones to take selfies is being experimented by New Zealand Tourism to promote its ski slopes. Nicknamed 'dronies', these selfies have so far been a big hit among customers. Other countries are also looking to emulate this strategy to appeal to the younger generation of people who tend to be fascinated with selfies.

The best part about this use of drones is that it is a cost-effective way to promote a place. Drones are becoming cheaper due to increased demand which means, it is possible to get a good drone for just a few hundred euros. Over the next several years, service providers and tourism boards are likely to come up with more creative ways to use the drone to create new business opportunities and to attract the attention of more tourists. Such a strategy is sure to give the entire tourism industry of that region a big boost as even the smaller players benefit from increased influx of tourists.

In short, this usage of drones to promote tourism is a classic example of how technology can be used for constructive purposes to promote tourism and other industries in the hospitality sector. Going forward, it is hoped that more such technological products will be used for peaceful purposes to enhance humanity and human experience as a whole.

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