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Sustainable Social Tourism: Innovation and Sustainability in the Tourism Industry

Explore the evolving world of Sustainable Social Tourism, a movement combining eco-friendly practices with significant social impacts to benefit local communities. Learn about the challenges, innovative practices, and the crucial role platforms like TourismEmbassy play in promoting sustainability within the tourism industry. Discover how upcoming events like the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit in León, Guanajuato, are shaping the future of travel by integrating environmental sustainability with social inclusivity.

Driving Sustainable Tourism: UMIH66's Commitment to Water Conservation and Environmental Leadership

Explore how UMIH66's 'Save Water' initiative aligns with sustainable tourism goals, featuring innovative water conservation practices and partnerships that support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about the impactful efforts led by Brice Sannac and how TourismEmbassy amplifies these eco-friendly strategies globally.

The sustainable travel tips. A land to respect.

The sustainable travel tips. A land to respect.
12/07/2014 11:50

Tourism Social network supports Shark Angels

11/07/2014 13:13

The Terraced Canola Flower Hills Of Jiangling

The Terraced Canola Flower Hills Of Jiangling

The best time of the year to enjoy the beauty of the canola flower in bloom in Wuyuan is during the Spring Equinox. With the flora in full spring blossom, the simple and unadorned canola flowers are a sight to feast one's eyes on, attracting flower enthusiasts from far and near. Over the weekend of March 22 and 23, more than 200,000 visitors made the trek.

29/03/2014 04:32

Message in a bottle

Sending message in a bottle -  does it sound romantic? Unfortunately, there is no romance in it. In fact, there is no common sense to it as it refers to the pollution from plastics that is threatening our seas and oceans today.