The sustainable travel tips. A land to respect.

12/07/2014 11:50

The sustainable travel tips. A land to respect.

Tourism has a significant impact on natural environment and on the well being and culture of populations, and these effects can be positive or negative, depending on how tourism is developed and managed in that region. The competitiveness of any tourism land or industry is related to its sustainability as the quality of the tourist land is influenced by their natural and cultural environment.

Long term sustainability requires a balance between Socio-cultural, environment and economic terms. Tourism lands of any particular place act as the center of attraction for that area and helps in the overall economic growth and development of that area. In order to ensure long term sustainability in the tourism sector, effective policies and plans must be established especially at local destination level, where tourists interact with local people. In order to develop tourism destinations, there is a need for coordination between the interested group through well developed and implemented management plans.

The major challenges and obstacles faced by these tourism sectors include:

• Preserving the natural and the cultural resources.

• Promoting the well-being of the local public.

• Improving the quality of tourism jobs.

• Preventing the negative impact of tourism lands such as the use of natural resources and waste production.

• Making tourism accessible to all.

Tourists always look for true experiences, for meeting and getting to know other people and other cultures. So, tourism policies should be established in such a way that they should adapt to these trends and develop and promote local cultures, tradition and pay attention to preserve the heritage and landscape.

Climate and weather conditions are the two main factors affecting the tourists’ decision making and influence the tourism businesses.

The role of climate information for tourism is as follows:

• Destination choice: Weather conditions play a vital role for the tourists’ to select certain destinations. For certain recreational activities, factors that seem to be important include

temperature, humidity, snow depth, wind chill effects, and radiation.

• Tourist’s safety: Safety of the tourists can also be linked to weather conditions. Weather conditions like heat waves, hurricanes, poor snow conditions severely affect tourism. These conditions may also link to transportation delays, accidents and cancellation of tour schedule. The perception of the climate is more important than the reality.

Understanding the changes in the environment is the first step towards managing and adapting to new circumstances. Tourismembassy service platforms have come into light that are responsible for improvising all the aspects of the tourism sector. They plan the programs and focus on activities that benefit society.


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