The Terraced Canola Flower Hills Of Jiangling

29/03/2014 04:32

The Terraced Canola Flower Hills Of Jiangling

Wuyuan, reputed as one of the most beautiful villages in China, is known around the world for its canola flowers and as one of China's four locales that has become famous for its botanic beauty. Wuyuan is home to China's most beautiful canola flowers, and, within Wuyuan, Jiangling is the preferred spot for taking in their exquisite beauty. Jiangling's canola flowers set against the surrounding hills and rivers create a harmonious landscape of pink walls adorned with green tiles. The magnificent tableau forms a wonderful painting.

Terraced fields climb the slope all the way up to the top of the mountain in Jiangling. Stately trees that have been there for eons, rivers, terraced fields and farmhouses co-exist harmoniously, creating a perfect balance between nature and man. Jiangling is the spot where "Heaven and Earth", a photograph honored with international gold awards, was taken. It is the live broadcast site of China's First Ray of Sunshine in 2014 program and where 330 Singaporeans decided to spend their time once their chartered flight touched down at the nearest airport.

Jiangling brings visitors in intimate contact with the beautiful canola flowers, enhancing the interactive experience. Jiangling's "Paradise of Strawman" and "Happiness Wedding" galleries showcasing local folk art have become increasingly popular among visitors.

Jiangling, Wuyuan is the perfect destination for a leisurely vacation as well as for taking in some of the best in natural springtime scenery that the world has to offer.


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