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11/07/2014 13:13

Sharks are dangerous, no? and that is why it is only natural for most people to hunt them down and be happy when they do die. However, not all people share the same opinion. There are others who want to save the sharks; those who fell in love with them.

In most cases however, those who fell in love with these “murderous” creatures are those who were able to dive with them, swim with them, without the safety of cages. is driven towards the latter kinds of people. Their goal is to make sure that there is still enough number of sharks that to sustain the ecosystem. Yes, sharks are essential for the continuity of the ecosystem, just like how every organism is necessary in order for the Earthly processes to continue. In fact, those who are trying to save the oceans should also help in the cause considering that sharks are also part of the sensitive ecosystem that they are trying to protect.

Why is anyone in need of being aware of the same advocacy?

Simply because, people nowadays are more concerned about eliminating the cause of their fear; of their danger without thinking of the implications that these drastic measures have on others, particularly the harmless fishes that you love to eat.

Luckily, our social network is helping the cause of saving the sharks from pure extinction, although, at the moment seems totally impossible, the time will come that it might be inevitable.

Tourismembassy has already advocated multiple programs that they feel have something to do with tourism in general and has worked with Shark Angels to ensure that it is made aware that sharks are not all that negative; that in fact, sharks are essential in preserving the many favorite diving spots that most tourists love to get themselves into.

They know that sharks are one of the many animals that are seen negatively by tourists. That is why they made sure to make everyone aware that sharks are not always bad through educating individuals by means of conducting seminars and other forms of social media outreach in different networks.

Shark Angels was started by a group of divers who saw the beauty of having sharks within the ocean’s ecosystem. They have been diving for years now, and they have seen how sharks are up close - gentle and non-threatening. They only attack when they seem threatened by your presence, most specifically when you agitate them, which is a normal reaction from any animal considering that their actions go beyond rational thinking, unlike humans, although, killing sharks without reason is just as irrational as any animal.

If you think about it though, sharks are as dangerous as any lethal animal in the jungle. However, unlike those in the jungle, they are not being protected in sanctuaries. Instead, they are being fished, hunted, and killed to the joy of others. What has lions done that they sharks haven’t that they the former merit special care?

Guess equality is not just an issue among humans. Guess animals have that as well. Join Shark Angels and they will show you the other side of a shark.

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