2017 China - Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival Widely Acclaimed by Tourists Worldwide

31/03/2017 22:26

Source: PR News

CHENGDU, China, April 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On the morning of April 2, China will usher in Qingming Festival, while the Water Releasing Festival is to be held in Dujiangyan city, Sichuan Province, home to a pair of World Heritage sites. The sites are of immense interest to tourists as is the reproduction of the stunning water releasing act that has been celebrated for over 2,000 years, attracting over 2,000 visitors to see the spectacle.

The Organization Committee of the 2017 China - Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival indicated that as the most prominent and time-honored folk cultural tradition of western Sichuan and a sightseeing program rich in local characteristics, the Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival aims to commemorate Li Bing and his son, the founders of the irrigation system and bringers of good fortune to the Chengdu Plain. The Festival reiterates the long historical development process and folk customs of the farming culture of the Chengdu Plain, and also manifests the Chinese traditional qualities in venerating wisdom of the past and paying tribute to benefactors, bestowing the event the practical purpose in promoting traditional heritage.

On the morning of April 2, the event sponsor will carry out the grand "Water Releasing Ceremony" at Dujiangyan, home to a pair of World Heritage sites. With live performance that will integrate Taoism and nature's principal "heaven and man in one", the water conservancy engineering triumph that has blessed generations for thousands of years will be reinterpreted and illustrated.

Last month the event sponsor invited guests from around the world in ten different languages to come to Dujiangyan to partake in and experience the Water Releasing Festival. It has become a highlight of the global tourism market and recently attracted reporting by over 200 domestic and international media outlets.

Observers expressed that the "Water Releasing Ceremony" is not only a description of an engineering project, but also the dissemination of a type of culture and the reproduction of a people's wisdom and life's pursuits. It is an example of the abundant and affluent life the residents of western Sichuan has been enjoying since ancient times. The activity is prized for its commemorative and entertainment values, and is surely an event that is worthy of the interests and participation of tourists from across the globe.

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