Blue Man Group and SuperShuttle International team up for joint marketing adventure.

28/09/2014 05:08

The iconic global entertainment company Blue Man Group and world-wide transportation company SuperShuttle International announced today a multi-faceted, multi-city marketing partnership. The joint venture will run through summer 2015.

"Blue Man Group and SuperShuttle first worked together for the opening of SuperShuttle's service in Las Vegas. With the recent launch of SuperShuttle in Boston, another home to Blue Man, it seems like a prime opportunity to not only co-promote our brands, but more importantly, provide a high quality experience and service to our audience members," said Pam Harris, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Man Productions.

As part of the program, SuperShuttle will communicate Blue Man entertainment offers for Boston, Las Vegas, and New York City throughout the customer's travel experience, including website, online booking system, email, and advertising on the blue vans. In tandem, Blue Man will feature a SuperShuttle discount offer for airport transportation through its website, email, ticketing channel, and in-venue placements. In addition, the brands will share in select campaigns, such as in-flight magazine advertising, boarding pass advertising, and social media.

"We hope our customers will have fun with the co-branding of these two innovative brands," said Ken Testani, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Partnerships at SuperShuttle. "We like to have fun and provide a spectacular service, and so does Blue Man Group. We think it will be a win-win for both of us."

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