California Entrepreneurs Invent the Travel Accessory You've Been Waiting For

28/03/2017 06:03

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REDONDO BEACH, Calif., March 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Tucker Travel Cover, Inc., a small California based startup, announced the launch of a revolutionary new product in the travel accessory space. The Tucker Travel Cover aims to solve the common problems of cramped and restless travel experiences. The Tucker is a functional travel blanket designed to "tuck" you in. Patent pending features comfortably hug the arms and legs enabling your entire body to relax, making it easier to sleep upright.

The idea was conceived by frequent flyers inspired by the notion that a blanket could do more than just provide warmth; it could also create comfort, privacy, and the sense of personal space.

This is some of the positive feedback Tucker Travel Cover received during development and testing:

"My coach seat felt like first class!"
"You can feel the unique design working the moment you wear it."
"Feels like a grownup security blanket!"

Select travelers tested the blanket's unique tucking function on planes, trains, cars and buses. Laura Wuerz, Tucker's Marketing Director, was pleased by the early feedback. Last month, she was even more thrilled by the overwhelming response of a test group who slept soundly snuggled-up in the Tucker on a red-eye from LA to NY. Laura said, "This feedback confirms we're on the right track to creating a travel experience with less stress - and more comfort for so many people."

Tucker's proprietary design features make this wearable blanket work, so the wearer can tuck-in and unwind. Arms are snugly crossed in Tucker's internal pouch creating personal arm rests. Combined with the stability achieved by Tucker's leg flaps, the body is now tucked into a cozy and relaxed position. Good posture and one's own body mechanics are maximized with Tucker. Feet are flat on the floor, thighs are resting evenly on the seat, knees are bent at a ninety-degree angle, and the back is straight. As the body relaxes, the movement of unsecured arms and legs, which would normally wake the wearer, won't. Tension and stress are diminished, promoting a higher quality of rest. Tucker also utilizes a deep hood for privacy. It is made of machine washable, lightweight cotton flannel and 4-way Lycra for optimal comfort.

Tucker's features spin the revolution of change to the travel blanket and the traveler. It's the answer to feeling roomier in tight seats, and most importantly, creating a cozy privacy barrier between the wearer and their environment.

The Tucker Travel Cover retails for $49.99 and is available on Amazon and

Founded in 2016, Tucker Travel Cover, Inc. is a small California based startup company specializing in new product innovations for the travel accessory industry. Their first product launch, The Tucker Travel Cover, is designed for travelers who are in need of improved privacy, comfort, and personal space.


SOURCE Tucker Travel Cover, Inc.

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