Embracing a New Era as the Ultimate 100% Tourism-Focused Platform for Sustainable Travel

14/04/2024 16:51

Perpignan, France, April 14, 2024 

Tourismembassy® takes a major leap towards sustainability with the relaunch of its platform, now dedicated entirely to promoting eco-friendly travel. This transformation marks Tourismembassy® as a pioneering 100% tourism-focused platform, celebrating over 250 million views** and over 80 000 visitors (since March 2024- Source Infomaniak server) which underscore its widespread impact and commitment.

A New Chapter in Sustainable Tourism Tourismembassy's relaunch isn't just a facelift; it's a renewed commitment to the planet. Positioned as a beacon for sustainable practices, the platform is set to influence every facet of the tourism industry by embedding eco-consciousness into every interaction.

From Our Founder's Heart

Jean-Charles Nieto, the visionary behind Tourismembassy®, emphasizes the relaunch as a bold reaffirmation of the platform's dedication to sustainable travel. He envisions a community where every tourism professional actively contributes to a greener world.

Your Platform to Inspire and Be Inspired Tourismembassy® invites all eco-minded professionals to connect, showcase, and inspire through a global platform that values sustainability above all. This is your space to exchange green initiatives and foster growth in eco-responsible tourism.

Join Us in Shaping a Greener Tomorrow

"We are now a guiding light in sustainable tourism," says Nieto, encouraging all stakeholders in the industry to contribute to this eco-positive journey. This platform aims to transform sustainable travel from a mere aspiration into a tangible reality.

Technology Meets Sustainability: The Artistry of Salim Ben Yessef

Central to Tourismembassy's technological and aesthetic overhaul is Salim Ben Yessef, whose innovative web design and development skills have perfectly aligned with the platform’s sustainable vision. His contributions are pivotal in actualizing the functionality that supports eco-friendly practices.

About Tourismembassy®

Tourismembassy®, a leader in sustainable tourism, is designed to facilitate global connections among tourism professionals dedicated to eco-friendly practices. With over 250 million views**, it stands as a testament to its influential role in shaping the future of travel.

Celebrating a Future of Passionate, Committed, and Eco-Conscious Journeys

Tourismembassy® aligns its mission with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting sustainable tourism as a path to economic, social, and environmental prosperity. By connecting worldwide tourism companies through its platform, Tourismembassy® helps them implement practices that directly contribute to the SDGs.

This includes fostering local community involvement, supporting conservation efforts, and ensuring economic benefits are enjoyed by all stakeholders. Through these efforts, Tourismembassy® not only advocates for responsible travel but actively participates in the global movement towards sustainability.

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About Tourismembassy®

Tourismembassy®, a 100% tourism-focused platform, aim to stand as a leader in sustainable tourism. With over 250 million views**, we provide a space for professionals to showcase eco-friendly practices and connect globally, supported by the technology crafted by Salim Ben Yessef.



**Through On-site Digital Banner Advertising 

The banners have garnered 250 million impressions, significantly extending the reach and visibility of our featured advertisements.

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