Mazzal Hotels & Resorts, First Light Resort & Casino

28/09/2014 05:21

Mazzal Hotels & Resorts, First Light Resort & Casino

Mazzal Holding Corp. Symbol ticker "MZZL" owners of 25 acres prime real estate property located just one mile away from 500-acres of best-in-class casino property, is poised to take advantage of the unique clientele the casino provides. Recently, the Board of Directors for Mazzal Holding Corp, approved the construction of Mazzal Hotels Resorts, a 155 room hotel that will cater to the local community. Other similar companies like Holdings Inc. and Marriott International Inc.'s and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. This approval came on the heels of the Board's careful review of the casino's construction plans and financial statements. The Board sees potential and is forecasting growth for the area surrounding the casino and Mazzal's property for years to come. With this growth potential in mind, their approval to construct the 155 room Mazzal Hotels Resorts on the nearby property signals the company's next move for growth and a potential increase in company earnings by $1.8 million per year.

The benefits include more than the bottom line. With new construction comes new jobs. Spurring along the local economy of Massachusetts for years to come.

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