More than 50 Conference Organizers at 2017 IT&CM Sign Deals to Host their Next Event in Hangzhou

31/03/2017 07:29

Source: PR News

The "Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections" event at this year's IT&CM draws in crowds at the Hangzhou booth, while the city's success as a MICE destination leads to a surge in tourism to the city

SHANGHAI, March 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Business Events Hangzhou led a delegation of 14 MICE services providers to the 2017 Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings China (IT&CM China) that took place in Shanghai between March 21st and 23rd. Since having established "Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections" as a brand, the business Events Hangzhou has been putting quite a bit of effort into enhancing the brand's visibility.

A multi-dimensional interpretation of the new "Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections" brand

The new and highly visual design of the Hangzhou booth simultaneously represents the event itself via C letter, which is the first letter of the word "conference", the abbreviation for the Celsius temperature designation °C, which is also the annual theme of Hangzhou as a MICE destination, as well as the new "connection" between Hangzhou's MICE resources and international markets.

The application of VR technology to the branding has created a new visual experience. At the exhibition, attendees were able to put on the VR goggles and get a real sense of the overall perspective of Hangzhou as a conference destination. Some of the attendees commented that they look forward to seeing more applications of the new technology when it comes to simulating the experience of travel.

LinkedIn has been added as a new channel for promotion both in and outside of China, creating company pages on the US-based social networking platform, The combination of social media outlets, including Facebook, Weibo and Wechat that created a comprehensive matrix for the promotion of the event and provided international conference organizers many options for learning and getting more information about Hangzhou MICE.

The G20 Summit that took place in Hangzhou continues to make an impact

During this year's IT&CM, Hangzhou was drawing a lot of attendees into the booth, with the result that more than 600 one-on-one negotiations took place, and with the delegation walking away with more than 50 signed agreements in their briefcases.

Hangzhou in the early half of 2017 also rolled out a series of brand promotion events, including the CEO Fam Trip and Hangzhou MICE Promotion Season and the 2017 Hangzhou Special Offer Year Campaign, as vehicles for attracting more domestic and international conferences.

Hangzhou is becoming distinctly more international since the G20 Summit.

An important task for Business Events Hangzhou is to continue enhancing the reputation behind the brand, as well as to continue and build on what has already been started: transforming Hangzhou into a truly international city through the build out of a complete infrastructure capable of supporting an end-to-end platform for high quality conference and travel services, as well as the unique advantages of the city of Hangzhou, will come together to redefine Hangzhou as an international MICE destination.

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