National Airlines Supports Ebola Relief Efforts

05/10/2014 03:17

National Airlines is proud to have been called on to contribute to Ebola relief efforts in Liberia. In cooperation with the United States Government, National Airlines, using one of its B747-400 Freighters, carried a planeload of medical and other relief supplies from New York to the Monrovia Airport. With its expertise in tailored air-freight services and its long history of supporting governments and militaries around the world by flying passengers and cargo of all kinds into remote and challenging destinations, National was well suited to safely fly this mission.

Glen Joerger, National Airlines' President, commented, "National Airlines' team of employees has been called on to assist in a variety of difficult situations, from flying missions into war zones to bringing aid to victims of natural disasters. We have been anxious for an opportunity to do something for those in Africa threatened by this disease, and we jumped into action when called on for this medical and supply mission." Christopher Alf, CEO of National Airlines' parent company, National Air Cargo Holdings, stated, "Our prayers are with those who have been struck by Ebola. All of the National companies--our Airlines and all of our freight forwarding arms in the Middle East, New York and Germany--stand ready to support the governments and relief agencies of the United States and other countries in their efforts to eradicate this terrible disease from the globe."

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