Peace in the Middle East - Menorah Islands Project

21/03/2015 05:19

The Menorah Islands Project is a vision for peace in the Middle East that is unlike any proposal ever presented to the public. The project's vision consists of nine artificial islands—seven permanent and two submersible-- and connecting causeways in the Mediterranean Sea, laid out in the shape of the candelabra known as the Menorah off the coast of Israel.

"The Menorah Islands Project has the potential to bring the greatest and most committed minds together to build a place where ethnic origin and political alliance no longer matter," according to the Menorah Islands website. "A beautiful place to live, work, and vacation, these artificial islands in the Mediterranean Sea would enhance the entire Middle East through education, scientific advancements, and environmentally-friendly practices."

A breathtaking video is front and center on the project's website, The video is full of animations and still drawings that demonstrate what the complex could look like.

Plans for the Menorah Islands Project envision centers for research and education in a variety of scientific fields, one on each artificial island. Each artificial island would have a tall tower in its center, with a designated public square surrounding it that would be reserved for exchanging ideas and encouraging conversation between residents and visitors.

Causeways would connect the mainland to each island, and each causeway is lined with roads, rails, and residential areas with room for agriculture. The entire complex would incorporate environmentally friendly practices in its infrastructure, including drawing water from atmospheric water generators, drawing energy from solar panels and wind walls, and advanced recycling methods to reduce waste.

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