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In a world of widening differences and negative rhetoric we tend to loose sight of what really matters. It is more important than ever that we embrace our differences and unite. That is why Republic of Humanity was created: to remind us that we need to build bridges, not walls.

Republic of Humanity was launched with the goal of emphasizing that we all have more things in common than not.  The platform accomplishes this by posting on social media impactful images and engaging short stories taken and written by photographer David Taggart.  Whether it is children in India to vodouisants in Haiti or Tamil tea pickers in Sri Lanka, they remind us that we all are part of one race… the human race. By giving a voice to the voiceless, we aim to inspire social change for all people, and this can only be accomplished by joining efforts.

Based on your international readership and global publication, we believe that Republic of Humanity would be a perfect fit for an inspiring story depicting culture and/or travel.

By sharing our story, you would help us in spreading the word through your traditional media and social media outreach. With your help we can develop a meaningful awareness of Republic of Humanity's mission and strengthen our community.

We would like to discuss with you or someone of your team about reaching out to your readers regarding joining the ROH movement.

Our photos have recently gained international recognition by National Geographic and the Smithsonian, as they have been featured on their webpage, and as finalists in the Photo Society Awards. Please help us to continue this global awareness and to further this momentum that will inspire understanding, empathy and connection.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

The ROH community

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Instagram: @republicofhumanity

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Paola Ruiz-
Susana Martelo-

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