'The Armchair Gambler,' How to Profit from Casinos -- Observations from a Former Casino Dealer

14/08/2019 06:43

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'The Armchair Gambler,' How to Profit from Casinos -- Observations from a Former Casino Dealer

PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Former casino games Dealer Ronald K. Evans authored an eBook "The Armchair Gambler," showing mathematically and by computerized test results how and why profits from casinos is not only possible but likely, if the conditions of deviations are thoroughly understood by those who play even money wagers on low percentage table games such as baccarat, craps or single zero roulette. The book answers to what extremes standard deviations are expected in numerical terms and the approaches necessary to exploit them to win at these games.

"For example within 100 table game decisions, it is NOT likely that an even money bet such as Banker and Player on the casino game of baccarat or likewise the flip of a fair coin will result in an even split, but instead reach within a lopsided 40/60 limit," says Evans. A Berkeley University chart illustrated in his book show the volatile path of 40,000 coin flips to substantiate Evans's conclusions.

The casino player will learn the important difference between absolute and percentage deviations and how a bet selection method developed by Evans described in his book will substantially reduce drawdowns and eliminate ruin.

Three approaches to systematic play are also explained, two of which are accomplished by "proportional bet sizing" and the third method profits from "percentage deviations" which decreases in long term play. All three methods documented in his book were tested with results shown against tens of thousands of decisions by a high speed computer software program Baccarat Buster(TM), developed by Mesa Verde Software Systems.

The title of his book "The Armchair Gambler" was derived from the meaning of solving the casino riddle from the comforts of his armchair, not unlike The Armchair Detective when the brother of Sherlock Holmes "Mycroft," had brilliantly solved crimes without the use of his shoe leather interviewing witnesses and gathering physical evidence at crime scenes. "The Armchair Gambler" is available in eBook Kindle and Nook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and also via Walmart, Rakuten Kobo.

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