Top TERRORific Haunted Attractions in the U.S

31/10/2018 15:21

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DALLAS, Oct. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Queen of Haunts, is a legacy in the haunt business, earning the title from her immense experience and achievement in the industry. Queen of Haunts started in the business of scare as a small child who slept in a coffin at the family's Edge of Hell attraction. Now, 44 years later the attraction is still operating alongside her other nationally acclaimed haunts.

Haunt fans have asked the Queen of Haunts for her favorites so she has obliged with a compilation of the most TERRORific haunts in the U.S. These attractions focus on scaring-up fright in a safe environment using very sophisticated technology and professional operations. The result: screams and laughter.

The top 13 TERRORific haunts include:

1.    Macabre Cinema Haunted House, Kansas City: The fourth child born in the Haunted House Capital of the World to Full Moon Productions but should not be the outcast.  A fan favorite with an entire movie cast but the real twist is if you can survive inside the actual movie sets that live in this mammoth haunted building.

2.    Beast Haunted House, Kansas City: The true nature of the BEAST is the beginning of what is now being done on small scales all over the country.  Escape Games, this haunt has turned the industry on its ear and made national headlines with customers not being able to find their way out of the infamous werewolf forest.  This haunt is a beast in size and scare.

3.    NETHERWORLD, Atlanta: Better than ever, moved into a bigger, larger and more fanatical location.  Netherworld creates its own original characters whose scares can't be duplicated.

4.    Cutting Edge, Fort Worth: Large and in charge with its world record haunt size. This dark, old and creepy meat packing plant location…. pray you make out in one piece and not parts.

5.    Bates Motel, Philadelphia: Classic – name, haunt, and hayride. Nothing is better than this classic family and its interpretation of Halloween fun. You'll feel you are being watched or the 20' monstrous creature will get you.

6.    Edge of Hell, Kansas City: The oldest commercial haunted attractions in the United States. The first of its kind and remains one of the scariest haunts in the country. It's no wonder it sits at 666' above sea level.

7.    Headless Horsemen, New York: Near New York City in the beautiful rolling hills, this haunted hayride is so much fun with Halloween infused in all areas from donuts to real horses. This massive attraction is really terrifying.

8.    13th Gate, Baton Rouge: A spooky city and a man who can create scenes so magnificent, your mind fills with wonderment. Plus, CarnEvil cannot be missed.

9.    Haunted Hotel, San Diego: The rage of zombies in Hollywood is transcended by this attraction where you aren't just watching the undead - your mixed into this reality!

10.  Spookywoods, High Point: This haunt kills 2 bats with one stone with its extraordinary curation of scary fun including zombie tag, zip lines, a maze within 60' Pine trees. It is over-the-top good.

11.  Dent, Cincinnati: You'll wonder if the makers have a sixth sense as the timing of the scares seem directed at you. They are very advanced to achieve this spectacular creepy show.

12.  13th Floor, Phoenix: Something about a psychological horror has gripping realism where you have to assure yourself you'll be okay just to finish it is so scary.

13.  Erebus, Pontiac, MI: The immersion in this haunted attraction takes you from 0 to 100 in a blink with its brilliant use of special effects and cast that have a relentless mission to generate fear.

About Queen of Haunts

Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, aka Queen of Haunts, is a mastermind behind haunt attractions and events at Full Moon Production. Her influence extends beyond her reign of the mega-houses in Kansas City's West Bottoms as an author and media contributor for the haunt industry, an advocate and cook of gluten-free culinary treats, and wickedly talented with themed decors.


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