A picture speaks a thousand words

17/08/2014 04:52

A picture speaks a thousand words

A picture speaks a thousand words – this adage has become a core part of the tourism industry today. Beautiful images of destinations, hotels, restaurants and travel modes entice both travelers and non-travelers to experience the beauty of the place. In fact, studies show that people visit a place only when they know what to expect. Most people do not pack their bags, pick a random destination and visit that place. Leisure travels are always planned ahead of time which means travelers book rooms and have a list of things they want to do in that location. While the activities and choice of hotels may vary, it is photos and videos that help travelers to decide what they want. In this sense, pictures are more powerful than words. 

The impact of photos and videos on the tourism industry has gotten a big boost after the emergence of social media and other online sharing tools. Now, it is easier than ever before to click images and share it with friends and relatives within seconds. Whether the traveler is a professional or an amateur photographer, the thrill that comes with sharing pictures remains high. Another reason for this explosion of photos and videos is the availability of appropriate devices for photography. A few years back, only the best of professionals can afford high-end cameras and camcorders that will capture the beauty of a place precisely. Today, almost any person who is interested in photography can buy a sleek SLR camera with advanced features and start clicking right away. These devices have the capability to capture some of the most intrinsic beauty such as dew dripping from the flowers, a bird shaking off water droplets from its wings and flower petals getting blown in the breeze. It is these small aspects that truly make a place beautiful and these aspects can now be photographed, shared and preserved for eternity.

The editing software industry has also developed and this too has contributed to the positive impact of photos and videos on the tourism industry. As a result, travelers take many pictures with their digital cameras and then pick the few that captures the beauty precisely. When the blemishes in these pictures, if any, is corrected using the editing software, then the result is a stunning replica of the place. As a result, when others see this picture, they know what to expect. Accordingly, they can decide if they should visit that particular place or do that activity. The advantage with this informed choice is that travelers get a higher degree of satisfaction from their experience and this motivates them to travel more to enjoy these pleasures. This directly leads to an increase in travel, which in turn helps the local tourism industry to get more revenue.

When it comes to photos and videos, it is not just the places that attract travelers. The local culture, food and customs also get a boost when videos and images are shared with the rest of the world. A good example of such a festival that has gained worldwide recognition is the Thrissur Pooram festival in the state of Kerala in India. Even a decade back, not a lot of information about this festival was available to the western world. However, when people began to capture the colorful beauty of this festival with their technologically-advanced devices, this beauty of this festival spread to the rest the world. As a result, the last few years has seen millions of visitors during this festival and this has given a big boost to the local tourism industry. Hotels and restaurants are booked and the nearby scenic getaways are filled with people the whole week. This example alone goes to show how good images and videos can transform the local tourism in a big way.

The current and future travelers gain from these photos and videos as well. In the Thrissue Pooram festival, for example, the cultural experience that travelers get is simply unique. This is why millions of people throng to this place during the month of January.

In short, photos and videos have created unique opportunities for not only the tourism industry, but for the travelers as well. When the pristine beauty of a place or festival is photographed and shared, it increases the publicity of the place and gives a boost to the tourism industry of that region. As for the travelers, it makes it possible for them to know more about their choices, make informed decisions and more importantly, to best enjoy the travel experience.

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