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Message in a bottle

Sending message in a bottle -  does it sound romantic? Unfortunately, there is no romance in it. In fact, there is no common sense to it as it refers to the pollution from plastics that is threatening our seas and oceans today. 

Impact of Circus in the Tourism Industry

Circus has always fascinated people because it is a unique form of 'live' entertainment. It is believed to have had its origins in the Roman Empire where the first ever circus company called Circus Maximus was formed. After the fall of the Roman Empire, there was no defined circus company and there were only small wandering groups that traveled from one place to another to showcase their skills. The circus industry was revived during the 18th century by a Briton named Philip Astley, who is often regarded as the 'Father of Modern Circus.' Since then, circus companies have flourished in different parts of Europe and it spread to other parts of the world such as Asia, Russia and the Americas.

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Art of carving fruits and vegetables

The mesmerizing art of carving fruits and vegetables originated in the Far East and has caught on in other parts of the world as well. It was believed to have been practiced in Japan and Thailand 700 years ago. Also called as Mukimono in Japan, chefs carved vegetables to garnish food. In Thailand too, it was used to decorate rafts during important festivals. In both the countries, it was started by chefs who wanted to impress the members of the royal family with their skills. Over a period of time, this art was passed on from one generation to another and it also became more refined over the years. With colonialism and globalization, it spread to other parts of the world and today, it is practiced seen as a form of art in both Eastern and Western countries. 

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Massage around the world

Massage around the world

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Massages were used as a natural remedy for pains and soreness since the hunting and gathering days of human civilization. It is based on the basic instinct of rubbing the part that hurts, similar to the instinct of drinking for thirst. In ancient times, massages were a powerful healer and there were even people who were believed to have the 'spiritual power' to heal pains. Since then, this knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. Depending on the geographical region in which massage was used, the techniques handed down vary differently.

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Do you want to relax ?

Do you want to relax ?

Lovely place to discover El Nido - Palawan - Philippines

Happy Chef Chinatown

Happy Chef Chinatown

Ready to Travel again?

Ready to Travel again?

The Golden Temple Amritsar - Sunday Morning visit -

The Golden Temple Amritsar - Sunday Morning visit -

The Harmandir Sahib, in Amritsar, is the most sacred place of the Sikh religion.

-Handicraft Local Market from around the world-

We love Handicraft,

Handicraft Markets are 100 % linked to the Tourism Industry and visiting those Markets becomes a great tourist activity.


Think Out of the Box

Think Outside of the Box is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective.

Creativity + Productivity = Success 

This concept has become widely used in business environments, especially by Tourism consultants and executive coaches in the Industry.


Imagination is more important than Knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

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