Disciples d'Escoffier

Disciples d'Escoffier - Partner Tourismembassy

TourismEmbassy is proud to announce an inspiring collaboration with the prestigious Disciples Escoffier International and specially with the Disciples D'Escoffier Pays Catalan & Occitan , a global network dedicated to upholding the culinary excellence and innovative spirit of the legendary Chef Auguste Escoffier. This partnership is especially significant as the founder of TourismEmbassy Jean-Charles Nieto is honored to be a Disciple d'Escoffier, embodying the values of excellence, culinary innovation, and the transmission of knowledge that are at the heart of both organizations.

This collaboration aims to foster a deeper appreciation for gastronomic excellence and sustainable practices within the tourism industry. By uniting TourismEmbassy's commitment to sustainable and eco-responsible tourism with the culinary heritage and vision of the Disciples Escoffier, we anticipate creating unique opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts alike to explore the synergies between travel, gastronomy, and sustainability.

Web: https://disciples-escoffier.com/en/