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Tips to Boost Direct Bookings for Hotels

With so much competition from OTAs for direct bookings, hoteliers need to be savvy with the techniques to attract visitors to their property’s website. Here are a few strategies put together by the experts at Vizergy that have helped our clients boost their direct bookings.

PropertyVIEW allows hoteliers to regain control over the information they distribute to third-party channels. Launched in 2009 as a three-column spreadsheet, PropertyVIEW is now a sophisticated technology platform that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence in addition to human ingenuity to provide invaluable data and a full-service solution to the hospitality industry.

How Modular Construction Is Changing Commercial Real Estate

Prefabricated building has doubled in size over the last five years, but it's not without its challenges

Why Listening To Your Guests Is The Key To Improved Operations Management - By Laura Badiu

Improving the management process of internal operations is one of the most important goals of every modern hotelier. With so many tasks, responsibilities, and technologies that you have to juggle with on a daily basis, the simple act of listening might come across as too basic. But actually paying attention to what your guests have to say is the key to improving not only your hotel’s reputation but also the internal operations that you struggle with.

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