Apprenez l'espagnol avec la méthode "Paso a paso" pour aller à l'essentiel

Méthode bilingue français/espagnol, espagnol/français destiné à tous ceux qui souhaitent apprendre les bases de la langue espagnole. Ouvrage composé de trois chapitres : des savoir-dire ( objectifs de communication), des outils pour le dire (v[...]

Diving Center La Sirena

The Diving center La Sirena is one of the biggest diving centers in Europe. Its facilities and location make this an ideal center for diving. You can enjoy safe and comfortable scuba diving at the diving center. The Dive center is easily accessed by[...]

Organize your Tours in Philippines

Ask us for tips, packages... We work on Luzon (Rice Terraces), Bohol-Panglao and Palawan

Toursimembassy Academy

TourismEmbassy Academy to train tourism professionals

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Turismo en NIcaragua

Discusión sobre el turismo en Nicaragua

Grupo de Marketing de Tourismembassy

Propuesta a todo aquel que quiera trabajar en grupo los conceptos del Marketing, Os esperamos !!! Creado y moderado por Miquel Pintó de 33d6ms


[EN] The cooking group for every chef and food lover.

Blogs de viajes

[ES] ¿Tienes un blog de viajes? ¿Te encanta viajar y contarlo? ¡Tourismembassy te lo pone fácil ! Comparte en este espacio tus mejores artículos y tus mejores fotos. Si tienes un Blog, puedes también conectarlo gratuitamente a tu perfil de Tour[...]

Crew Life

[EN] This group is for Crew Members from all nationalities and from all the cruise companies. Use this place to get as many info or ask questions about the Crew Life. HR cruise companies are welcome to participate. However, If you want to post a Job,[...]

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vifocal Chinese phone

vifocal Chinese phone is so practical with cheap price



séjour low cost

Ajaccio, Corse, France

Cómo potenciar la Marca Personal

El sector del Turismo es un sector en donde el nombre del negocio o el nombre particular es fundamental. Las redes sociales acogen infinidad de valoraciones y críticas sobre hoteles, restaurantes, personas, etc. De manera que potenciar la marca pers[...]


Earn cash back on your travel and shopping worldwide.

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Tanzania adventure safaris

Tanzania offers a winning combination: some of Africa's best wildlife safaris, Hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro, plus stunning tropical beaches...You just need to set your budget, decide what you'd like to see in Tanzania ... HOW MANY DAYS DO YOU HA[...]


Galata Port Yachting Service

Galata Port Yachting Service, Luxury Travel Services for Turkey. We can arange to all your travel, accodomation and transfer services. We are a professionals team. We can organize to all your holidays, flights, cruise, yachting, rent a cars and t[...]

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Hospitality and Tourism

Discussions on management, Hospitality and Tourism. Everything you need to know or to share for your career. Meet other hospitality and Tourism industry workers and find opportunities worldwide.

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Share any interesting information about any destination of the world. Join our traveler community.

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