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Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform aims to give in-depth information about any place in the world. It is ideal for people who love to travel and for those who are working in the tourism and hospitality industry. A salient feature of this services platform is that it serves anyone involved in the travel industry and not just the travelers.

Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform talk about the tourism industry and the latest trends that are shaping it. It also covers the technological changes that are likely to impact the tourism industry in the short and long run. This information is useful for those who own and run hotels, tourism companies and tour packages as it helps them to update their businesses to meet the upcoming trends and changes. Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform aims to help those in the hospitality sector to attract more customers and travelers, and the information provided in this site will be the first step towards this goal.

Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform also aims to give accurate information to travelers who are looking to travel to a particular destination. For those who are looking to get away for a vacation, this platform gives them various options based on their travel preferences. These narrowed-down choices help travelers to choose the best place for their next vacation. It has detailed information about each destination including how to get there, what to see, where to stay and what to eat. The local flavor of the destinations is well captured in this platform to give readers a fair idea of what to expect during their stay. Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform will helps travelers who are on a budget by giving them some of the best deals in hotels and flights. Cruise deals and packages are also available for visitors to help make the best use of the low-priced deals. It abounds with tips on how to save money during any vacation without compromising on the fun.

Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform is the perfect place for chefs,culinary specialist,cooks, waiters, bloggers, hotel and restaurant owners but also for clients that like to travel in hosteling international, hostels and youth hostel, backpackers, hotels and luxury travelers etc... A wonderful place for investors and students that are interested in tourism management and finance. Tourism investments that are done everyday around the world are helping to maintain our industry alive.What is tourism some people ask... In Tourismembassy, we believe that we are all part of this incredible industry. Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform is the place for everyone that is connected directly or indirectly with the tourism industry.

We will be happy to welcome you soon in our platform.

Tourismembassy team.

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