1) What is Tourismembassy?

Tourismembassy site is dedicated exclusively to professionals directly or indirectly related to the tourism sector. Tourismembassy is the place and the indispensable tool for improving or disclose your professional tourism project.

2) What is Toumsy?

Toumsy is a meeting point for tourism enthusiasts travelers where you can share your experiences with the world. Also you can buy discount coupons or find a job in the tourism sector.

3) Where should I register?

At the top right you will find the sign up button. Just click to start registering.

4) What kind of profile should I register?

There are three different profiles from which you can choose:

i. Toumsy is for amateur and fan of tourism

ii. Tourismembassy pro is for profesionals

iii. Tourismembassy enterprise is for all companies that are selling products or services related to the tourism business

5) What kind of images I can upload to my profile?

A part of the photos of your travels and tourism experiences, you can upload all kinds of images

eg: screenshots of the mobile applications that you have developed, pictures of you in your workplace, book covers, screenshots of your blog, magazine covers , and everything that is related to tourism.

6) How I can see my public profile?

To learn how you appear to other users just click on public profile within your control panel. You will visualize your profile as others see it.

7) How do I access my private profile?

Once registered you can access at any time by clicking on your profile log in. If you are already login you can access by clicking on your name, which will appear next to the sign up button.

8) How do I send a private message?

When you visit a profile in the directory you will see the option #send a private message# to the user in question. In the top left appears the Message button.

9) How do I logout?

On the main menu, click on logout and the sesion will automatically close.  Remember to always logout if you access your profile from public computers.

10) How do I manage the comments that users make on me?

The platform allows users to comment on your profile in the directory. If you want to manage these comments you have three different options. You'll find them in the Control Panel, in paragraph My profile> Manage Comments.

The options are:

i. Do not allow comments. This way no one can post comments on your profile.

ii. Allow comments but moderándolos. With this option you can accept or reject the comments. If you do not publish before default is 72h.

iii. Allow unmoderated comments. With this option, the comments will be published at the time.

iv. It is also possible to receive an email notification when you receive a comment

11) What is Touroba?

Touroba is the new standard of quality based on the perceived feelings, sensations and experiences received by a service or product.

Touroba ist not granted by any institution, it is the user who decides, based on their experience, to reward and give recognition to the persons, the products or to the companies directly or indirectly related to tourism services.

If you believe a product, person or institution deserves to be recognized with a Touroba simply click on the button Touroba "add button touroba".

12) How do the degrees of recognition?

The more you share and your content is valued by others then you will get more recognition.

So let's distinguish the gemstone that best goes with you:

Onyx: is the first status which can be accessed. Onyx users still have a way to go, but have begun to stand out from the crowd.

Spphire: saphire status gives recognition above Onyx but you still can get much more, we're sure.

Ruby: is the third level of recognition. At this level we are talking about influential people in the community but having come this far you cannot stop here.

Emerald: getting closer to heaven but not yet stepped on. Emerald users are influential and respected, they  still lack a little to be amongst the most valued.

Diamond: you've reached the top, congratulations! Everyone respects you and appreciates you. You are the jewel in our community.

 Soon you get many advantages as part of the recognition program.

13) How I can put a job?

If you have a Tourismembassy profile,  in your control panel you will find the Jobs section where you can post jobs.

14) How I can manage the CVs received in the job that I posted?

In the Jobs section within your control panel, you will find a list of people who have registered for your offer. On the right you will find a dropdown list with three options:

i. CV: to preview the profile of the person registered for the offer

ii. Select profile: with this option you will mark the candidate (green colour) and it will appear in the list of successful candidates.

iii. Reject profile: with this option will mark the candidate (red colour) and it appear on the list of rejected candidates

15) How I can sign up for a job?

In the Jobs part of the main menu, you´ll find the Jobs section where you can register for jobs. To see all the offers that you signed up you can go into My Jobs inscriptions on your private control panel.

16) What is a coupon?

A coupon is a timely offer that can only be achieved if it is purchased by a minimum number of users. Only Tourismembassy users can post coupons.

17) How I can publish a coupon?

If you have a Tourismembassy profile, you will find the private control panel in the coupons section. There you can post your offers.

18) How I can benefit from a coupon?

Once you've entered the coupons section and have chosen the offer that best suits you, you just have to follow the steps to pay and get your reservation code.

19) How I can report a scammer or a person not acting responsibly within the platform?

Once you are inside a profile directory, you will find on the left the Report button please  report the user and thus help to keep our community safe.

20) How I can advertise on Tourismembassy?

In the section of the main menu Rates you will find all advertising options.

21) How I can dowload the logos?

In section Resources & logos you'll find all the logos of the site. You can download the brand logos Tourismembassy, Toumsy and Touroba. Remember that all brands are registered.

22) How to contact us?

At the bottom of each page you will find the contact option. We will be happy to assist you with any enquiry you may have.

23) Do you want to give us your opinion?

On every page you will see a tab with orange text on the right labelled feedback. Click on it and you can send your suggestions or improvements, Tourismembassy is a project that is in continuous development so we'll be happy to hear your opinion.