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Tourismembassy is created especially with a mission: to help tourism students and all those related disciplines, to improve and find the tools that will help them in their career development.

Students are the future, and we believe they deserve that we give them the support they need.  In Tourismembassy, STUDENTS can create a profile that can help them to promote their profile as a business card, to find a job or as business presentations.  Because academic knowledge is important but also their experiences as active members in tourism. Both complete their professional background.


In Tourismembassy we bet for the respect of nature and sustainable and ecological tourism practices. In this way, we give our support to initiatives that work to defend the rights of animals such as Shark Angels.

Sharks, are one of the animals most negatively affected by the impact of tourism. This association takes action locally through education, media outreach and awareness in order to improve the future of these animals.


Tourismembassy commitment to tourism of respect and a strong believer in the positive impact of this on our society.

One of the most vulnerable groups are children, the tourism industry has the ability to create opportunity in the environment to make their families get ahead and thus achieve a brighter future for these children.

Los niños son nuestro futuro y merecen disponer de oportunidades para seguir adelante y luchar por sus sueños. Y nosotros podemos ayudarles a través de nuestra gran pasión: el turismo.

Tourismembassy encourages his community to travel always thinking of the profit that their actions can make to the territory their visit and see it as an opportunity to improve society on this planet.

Children are our future and deserve to have opportunities to go on and pursue their dreams. And us, we can help through our passion: tourism.


In Tourismembassy we believe in a world without barriers and strive to ensure that tourism is affordable for everyone.

Disability is not but a different capacity, we are all different and have different capabilities, so in Tourismembassy we want to promote a world for everyone where we are not differentiate by our abilities, but by our particularities.

We encourage all companies that are part of the family of tourism to remove barriers and allow our friends to enjoy the pleasure of traveling and get new experiences.


Tourismembassy advocates responsible and sustainable tourism.

The planet Earth is going through a difficult time and is everyone's responsibility to help maintain and restore the resources provided to us practicing ecotourism and sustainable activities. To help to preserve biodiversity, respect the local population, consume the least amount of nonrenewable resources and above all be aware that our actions have an impact on all of us.

In Tourismembassy we want that within a century the new generations give thanks for how well we treated at the time the planet Earth.

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