Our Mission & Vision



Our mission is to create the unique Tourismembassy of the world. Be the world´s preferred website when professionals are talking about the tourism industry. A company focussed in generating new opportunities for our products and services. We seek to produce financial rewards to investors as we provide a place to meet and growth to our users and business partners. In everything we do, we want our community to act with honesty and integrity. Tourismembassy is considered as an online and offline project.


Our mission is to create the world´s preferred website for anybody that wants to get information about the tourism industry, or wants to buy or book any products or services that our industry has to offer. We aim to increase awareness and definition of our products and services. Increase client perception offering a better deal in time effectiveness, cost, advantages and improving our services.

Our vision Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform

Tourismembassy® & Toumsy® services platform responsibility is to continually improve all aspect of the tourism industry. Social, economic and environmental by creating best practices to make a better tomorrow. Our vision is put into action through programs and focus on activities that benefits  society and committed to build shareholder value. Part of our principal aims, are maintaining a strong relationship with our shareholders and making Tourismembassy a truly sustainable company that achieves & leaves a positive imprint on society.

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