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Near Space Resort: Holidays to the Final Frontier

What is tourism to you? Is it lying on a beach on a tropical island? Does a hotel 400 kilometers above the Earth sound better? With Galactic Suite, the future will grant you both.

A new and exciting holiday destination is on the horizon, and that destination is space. It might sound farfetched, but development is well underway for the first ever commercial near space hotel - the Galactic Suite Space Resort - which will offer unprecedented getaways to the boundaries of space. It is a thrilling prospect that will no doubt have many profound effects on space tourism and development for future space technology, and as long as you can afford the price, then you could soon be able to book a luxury suite at this near space hotel, and enjoy what will clearly be an absolutely unforgettable experience.

15/09/2013 10:02

Cruise industry

Cruise vacations are popular and is enjoyed by people of all ages. They provide a relaxing getaway and at the same time, there is ample entertainment for everyone on the floor. The endless expanse of water soothes the mind and relieves stress while the amenities offered on the ship provide a delectable experience for the travelers. Due to the reasons, cruises are sought-after by anyone looking to take a break from their routine life.

There are many kinds of cruises available today and it is up to the users to decide which cruise works best for them and their family. It is a good idea to know what each type of cruise means and what kind of experience one can get out of it before deciding on the right one. Some of the popular kinds of cruises available today are luxury cruises, exploration cruises, special-interest cruises, family cruises, single cruises, couple cruises, senior cruises, premium cruises and river cruises.


15/09/2013 09:52