Comedian Magician


Comedian - Magician on a cruise in the Caribbean At last my dream came true and this time it is not an illusion ... I am boarding today a ship in the Caribbean ... I hope you enjoy my show.
Backpacker travels around the world and sleeps in international hostelling


Rebecca traveler expert - Traveling the world with 2 laps completed. How wonderful it is to travel and experience new cultures ... sharing and learning from others is what fulfills me more and enriches me as a person. Next stop New Delhi. Will you join me?
National Artist Dominican Republic


Master of ceremony at a resort in the Dominican Republic Every night I present the best show on the island. Glad to make you happy. My greatest wish is that you come back to visit us.
Travel Blog and culinary experiences


Writer on a travel blog My blog is made for you ... Discover the world through my words.
Waitress luxury hotel


Waitress in a hotel complex with International recognition A smile is worth a thousand words ... the best way to feel good is to make others happy ... Nice to meet you.
Couple sharing champagne lovers

Marylin & Johan

Celebrating our wedding anniversary -New Zealand- We continue traveling as when we were 20 years old ... Just like our children enjoying life and sweet moments.
Glass and window cleaner with products


Expert window cleaner I like to share with my colleagues the secrets that help you get beyond compare cleaning results
Vegetarian woman with hands full of vegetables


Graphic designer and expert in vegetarian cuisine - Netherlands Thousands of colours always around me ... The world that surrounds us is full of nuances and simple pleasures to enjoy.
Senior Chef


Chef of a Riviera Maya Resort-Mexico- Dear customers, thank you for your praise ... My passion for cooking could not be expressed without you.
Woman tasting a reserve wine


Responsible for a delicatessen shop-Croatia Infinite pleasures and flavours to be discovered ... All my senses together to develop my sensorial memory.
Erasmus student


Erasmus student Travel, share, visit, enjoy and study course ! I finally have my scholarship.... Europe ... Here I come!
Bodyguard nightclub doorman


Nightlife safety and bodyguard in London. I assure you that your safety is always guaranteed ... Have fun I will make sure that it all goes well ...
Tourists senior couple

Naemi y Patrick

Experts in pleasures and good life-Sweden Another wonderful trip with my third wife ... Viva the Bahamas!
Female doctor in a Resort of Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Dr. Nada

Health Specialist Sharm El Sheikh Egypt Sunburns are very common under the sun of Egypt. No worries taking care of you all is my passion.
An employee of an international courier company


Employed in an international courier company and fan of FC Barcelona I arrive everywhere 10 minutes before schedule delivery... You never know what you got but the recipient always sees it as very important...
Russian woman with golf club


Journalist and lover of good wine-Moscow From golf course to golf course and I play because I love it.... This year in the Costa Brava, will you play with me?
Portuguese baker with a French style baguette

Maria Manuela

Paragliding expert and professor at Lisbon Powerful aromas, artisan bread made with 100% natural products ... My secret? I am a simple person and I put a lot of dedication in everything I do....The wind blows into my mill...
Natural park near San Francisco


National park ranger San Francisco You help me to protect the diversity of plants and animals in my park ... We all fight all for a more sustainable tourism. Do not worry I will guide you ...
Accounting aboard a Mediterranean cruise ship


Accounting aboard a Mediterranean cruise ship Having breakfast in Santorini and buying jewellery in Mykonos are two of my greatest pleasures ... Mediterranean islands are crown jewels.
man responsible for room service luxury hotel France


Responsible of the room service of a luxury hotel and a paintball player. Cote d'Azur France Discrete, fast and always very attentive to all the details, just ask and I make it a reality ... Club Sandwiches or Champagne? Why not both !
Human resources responsible for a family hotel chain


Black belt in taekwondo and lover of classical music - Rome Human resources responsible for a family hotel chain. Without you we are nothing ... Thanks for making each day better than the day before. All together we get that our customers recognize us as professionals and friends.
Community manager


Freelance community manager with multiple SEO projects and tourism 2.0 I love to communicate, discover my projects and to position them on top of the network ... Among the world's top social network sites is tourismembassy.com. The biggest project in the world focussed on tourism.
Cancun resort gardener


Landscaper and teacher, specialized in organic gardens. She is based in a resort of Cancun-Riviera Maya The soil is alive! It must be protected so we can enjoy its beauty.
Owner of a hotel in USA


Owner of a resort hotel in the United States You can achieve all your dreams ... love, passion, dedication and perseverance in everything you do will lead you to success
Sexy Gogo dancer in nightlife and clubs in Ibiza


Sexy Dancer in the best clubs in Ibiza, Spain Dancing non-stop from the opening to the closing party ... Ibiza is a paradise for lovers of good music
Followers of chile´s Football team

Javier, Cecilia , Manuel

Followers of chile´s Football team Loyal fans of the Chilean soccer team ready for the World Cup Brazil 2014. Chi-chi-chi-le-le-le ... all the people love Chile! Viva Chile!
woman with child skiing with her family in the Alps - a single parent -

Linda y Francisco

Single woman with her son - Bariloche Argentina We love Europe and its mountains ... skiing in the Alps is different to Patagonia but also has a lot of glamor...
Head of hotel reception in London


Chief of a hotel lobby in London. Prepared to deal with the thousands of visitors that will come to the 2012 Olympic Games The customer is our reason for being here.... Is our responsibility to make each of them feel at home and enjoy their stay in order to make them return soon and stay with us again ...
Professional photographer specialized in tourist photos


Professional photographer in Montmelo Circuit de Catalunya Formula 1 - Spain From a Madrid photo book or sports and action photography in Dubai, i also make all your wedding pictures ... I'm the man in all situations and a great lover of nature parks. - Rome
woman call centre operator and booking centre


Secretary and responsible for all the personal agenda of the members of a family office in Ireland It’s all about you ... I am the chief of the orchestra that directs all your calls and messages.
Newspaper executive with NYSE


Accounting analyst cash & carry company specialized in hotel I love to follow the evolution of the largest stock exchange in the world. Wall Street, the Dow Jones etc…
Cabaret artist dressed as a waiter in Paris -Moulin Rouge - Folie bergere - Crazy horse


Professional cabaret-dancer - St Petersburg Dancing every night in front of hundreds of tourists fills me with pride. Keeping the perfection of the choreography is a challenge that my dance partners and I take great pleasure in.
Passionate diving and goldfish in the British Virgin Islands - Startup - auto entrepreneurs


Project Manager in capital venture We help you to finance your project.... We are your best friend ... We have a global vision and we put it to the local service...
Beginner internet savvy traveller


Traveller beginner but expert to travel with a low cost budget. England I Always find the cheapest flight and the best price ... Sleeping with little money, travel with a tight budget but I have everything I need, so yes, no matter whether I sleep in a hostel, a hotel, a holiday apartment or a campsite.
Single travel single woman


Lover of nature and yoga. She has visited India several times -Canada Gaspesie- Traveling alone allows me to find my Spirit and myself... If I want some company, my travel tour operator is taking care of everything... almost!
wine tasting in Bordeaux


Businessman loves good wine and infinite pleasures I travel around the world to discover wine regions and unique experiences. Today I am in a wine tasting in Bordeaux...
Cheerleader at a theme park


Cheerleader and dancer in a musical in Las Vegas Hmmm ... There's nothing better than a good pizza from time to time ... Want a bite?
Cleaner luxury hotel in Moscow


Employee of the month of a luxury hotel in Moscow I love reading books during my free time. My ebook is full of literature masterpieces that have had a major impact on the culture.
In charge of a warehouse and shop manager of a holiday club in the Havana Cuba


In charge of a warehouse and shop manager of a holiday club in the Havana Cuba Dance, dance and dance ... I can not think of a life without music, joy and dancing ... I always go after work to see my friends and we dance together to the best songs of the Caribbean.
Lifeguard at a water park


Lifeguard at a water park Her most intense experience was swimming with the dolphins in Isla Margarita -Venezuela. Like a fish in water... Always enjoying the warmth and the sun ... You´ll find me on the beach or by the pool.
Thai boxing fan


Thai boxing fan My dream finally comes true.... I will soon travel to Thailand. Since my childhood I practice Muay Thai. Peter lives in Barcelona and spends much of his time training his body and his soul.
IT responsible in a computer network & communications company


IT responsible in a computer network & communications company To check that all information is secure is my responsibility ... If the printer does not work, check if it is connected :) She loves jokes and good fun, always willing to help the others. She is an active member of an international ONG.
Tanzania safari guide


Tanzania safari guide To share with you this wonderful experience full of colour and natural beauty makes my life full of sense. With your family, partner or friends, I will make this trip unique and unmatched.
I love elephants and leopards - I use Safari, as my preferred internet browser, on my Mac computer.
Staff training manager


Responsible for staff training in a chain of fast-food restaurant Excellent cook, she loves healthy and balanced food. She is the executive chef of her home. Her children are her most demanding customers.
Professional airline pilot


Punta del Este Uruguay - The world is no longer a secret for him- To see the earth from the sky is a great privilege. Flying for work, leisure, vacation or to visit your family ... I am filled with joy, whenever I see the cordial greetings and hugs of all my passengers in the airport.
My mission has been accomplished.
Owner of an independent travel agency


Owner of an independent travel agency Traveling with a suitcase full of memories :) I have sent thousands of customers all across 5 continents .... Today it's my turn!!
senior traveller with his passport


Retired agronomist Is never too late to travel around the world ... I have my passport and I will fill it with visas and social experiences.
First aid center nurse


First aid center nurse The Pacific Ocean has many pearls and Tahiti is one of them..Tahiti beaches are perfect to practice surfboard. A lifetime experience.
who comes from around the world - Rio de Janeiro.

Ana Paula, Marcelo, Rodrigo

Supermarket employees - Rio de Janeiro We have an impressive assortment of food ... The tourists have a habit of economizing on meals and buy deli and packaged products.
Commercial and promoter of a resort of Canary island


Commercial and promoter of a resort of Canary island A vacation package? Thousands of customers enjoy a hotel, a holiday apartment or a house. You expect luxury? Love, adventure, travel, enjoy summer nights on the beach.
Massage Spa in Vietnam


Professional masseuse in a luxury resort-Vietnam Our treatments and professional massage will help you to relax... Do you prefer a massage in the luxury villa or near the infinity pool with a full ocean view southern Chinese?
Receptionist and wine lover. EU Receptionist


Receptionist and wine lover. EU Receptionist She loves to eat mussels and fries in Ostend. Discovering new cultures and share unforgettable moments with my work colleagues, clients and friends makes me happy.
Pastry specialist chocolatier


Pastry specialist chocolatier I would like to win the pastry world cup. My next trip is in the Norwegian fjords but if I find time now i go to see the Eiffel Tower.
International flight stewardess


Air hostess Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Bangkok, Sydney, Madrid, Stockholm, Munich, Kiev, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Beijing, Tripoli, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Doha ... are just a few destinations where I have been and served thousands of passengers. I love to go shopping on Fifth Avenue or in the malls of Dubai. I also love to be in the souks of Marrakech and drink a tea in the cafes of the Jamaa el Fna square.
Student in a catering school with big plans for the future


Cook catering school student I want to learn all your "savoir faire".I have just started but one day I will be a chef with many awards in the major food guides of the world.
Professional Fire-fighter


Member of the Professional Association of Fire-fighters Training and helping people is part of my job but I spend much of my free time participating in conferences and technical seminars ... thanks to you i will save more lives. Devotes his free time to his family and is actively involved with an international ONG
Woman hitchhiking


Public Relations in an international congress centre Car sharing is a cheap way to travel. It is also a good initiative to preserve the environment ... I love hitchhiking. Traveling this way allows me to get to know the locals.
concierge celebrating the victory of their favourite team


Concierge in a 5 star hotel in the city of New York I inspire you and I organize your day in the town, tell me what you want to do and I will arrange everything. I celebrate today the victory of my favourite baseball team the New York Yankees
Builder and investor in a resort in Panama


Builder and investor in a resort in Panama To invest, build and see the birth of the most luxurious resorts in the world is one of my greatest pleasures. I always work on major projects. I love the countries of Latin America and the Middle East. I spent my entire life traveling and discovering new cultures ... I love to work under pressure and to know that thanks to my team, thousands of people will enjoy a pleasant stay in a great resort.


Responsible for maintaining an international hostel


Responsible for maintaining an international hostel The real experience and the best of an international hostel is to enjoy the great atmosphere and that local staff take care of you. Single rooms well secured. Almost always located in the city centre, we take care of everything ...I play every night with my friends on the newest PlayStation. My favourite games are Socom and Motor storm.
Family multiracial

Familia Hamilton

We are an happy family - Hamilton Family- Very soon Ricky will have a little brother named Martin. They will together share a wonderful journey through life.
woman with a recycled plastic bottle


Passionated about nature More than 500,000 tons of non-recycled plastic bottles a year. Help us maintain and improve the environment. Squash the bottles and put them in separate bags to organic waste. I have crossed the largest deserts in the world and still do not understand how it is possible that such beautiful landscapes are full of bottles and plastic bags. The Sahara Desert, the Kalahari Desert, the Australian desert, the Arabian Desert and many more.... My favourites places are the Chihuahuan Desert and the Atacama Desert.
women london police


Police Women To protect my community and make the neighbourhoods of my city quiet and safe is part of my job. If you're lost and cannot find Big Ben I help you too...I´ve seen all the shows in the city and I am a big fan of musicals. The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard fascinated me but I fell in love with les Miserables.
Woman in wheelchair with dog

Ursula y Laica

Never travel without Laica I have read that there is a Catalan who travelled for 4 years and has a head full of stories to tell. I'd like to meet him and share our experiences.
Hotel general manager


Hotel general manager To ensure that your stay exceeds your expectations is part of my job. My team and I will make sure that you have an unforgettable holiday. I am a rugby fan, however i prefer the Waka Waka of Shakira than the Haka of the All Blacks :)
Commercial and marketing manager in a company engaged in international trade


Commercial and marketing manager in a company engaged in international trade Roulette, Blackjack, Slots or Poker I love the atmosphere of casinos. If I cannot go in a casino I play online while I drink a glass of wine on my sofa .... Everything to be consumed with moderation and is only for people over 18 years old. Each casino and the location have a real charm ... The lights of Las Vegas, Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia, Lloret beach, the castle of Peralada, Monaco and the glamor are some of my favorite places ...
couple dancing

Nelly & Peter

Nelly & Peter met after divorcing two years ago There is always a time and a place to dance .... The wedding of your best friend, the communion of your nephew, your 16-year-old daughter´s birthday, a dance festival or just a romantic getaway with your partner ... We spend our lives dancing...
Single woman with her daughter

Keira & Gael

Professional event organizer My birthdays are always full of surprises and where my friends always have fun. To enjoy another party soon, hopefully this year goes fast. Next year we will celebrate it in a very famous park near Paris ... Sound familiar? Don´t tell... Its another surprise !
Employee of a tourist office


Employee of a tourist office English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian soon ... I love being able to talk to tourists in their own language. I am an employee of a tourist office and I am studying for a master in tourism in a world-renowned school in Switzerland.
blind girl sitting on the floor


Fashion victim I am a bit of a fashion victim.... I love to go shopping...No matter where, the market of my home town or in a big city... I love colours! I see more than you may think, with a little imagination and sensitivity; I discover facets of the world that you may never experience.