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Comparable Adjusted Hotel EBITDA Margin: 40 basis point decrease to 29.9% for the 21-hotel portfolio and 10 basis point decrease to 33.4% for the 14-hotel portfolio over the same period in 2016.
During Super Bowl LII Weekend (2-4 February 2018), the Minneapolis market posted an average occupancy level of 92.5% and an average daily rate (ADR) of US$354.41.
Your role as a hotel general manager (GM) is a complex pursuit with a simple objective: to meet (and exceed) service, operations, as well as profit objectives for your property. The variables that can impact your success as a GM are substantial. This[...]
Mr. Grapstein, a board member of the Hotel Association for more than five years and a longtime member of the Hospitality Council of New York, brings a wealth of financial and operating experience to the role. At Vornado he is responsible for over $1.[...]

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Conecta con viajeros, profesionales y empresas turísticas de todo el mundo. Oportunidades e informaciones para su próximo viaje o negocio.

WASHINGTON, 15 de febrero de 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- America's Musical Journey, el nuevo documental en 3D para IMAX® y pantallas gigantes, se estrenará a nivel mundial el 15 de febrero en el Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum y el viernes 16 d[...]
DUBAI, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, February 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- VFS Global ya proporciona servicios de visado para Croacia y Lituania en 27 y 9 países, respectivamente  VFS Global anunció que en diciembre de 2017, el Ministerio de Asuntos Ex[...]
SÃO PAULO, 15 de febrero de 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Collinson Group, líder mundial en la influencia de comportamiento de consumidores e impulsar la lealtad del cliente, anunció hoy su alianza con LocusLabs, especialista en crear mapas de interiore[...]
SHENYANG, China, 14 de febrero de 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Compras en los mercados, degustación de comidas, deseos de buena fortuna, coplas… El 6 de febrero, un autobús lleno de estudiantes internacionales de la Universidad de Liaoning -provenientes [...]



GAT-Gestión de Activos Turísticos- es una empresa dedicada a generar valor a activos turísticos, siendo líderes en interim management- además de la explotación integral, temporal o permanente de activos turísticos. Cuenta para ell
UnionPay International y la Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos alcanzan un acuerdo para ampliar la oferta de valor a los turistas chinos. 14.000 hoteles, balnearios, campings y alojamientos turísticos po
La Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos (CEHAT) considera que está en juego el modelo de ciudad y que es necesario alcanzar un equilibrio para garantizar a los ciudadanos madrileños una vida de calidad y evi
La Asociación Empresarial Hotelera de Madrid considera que está en juego el modelo de ciudad y que es necesario alcanzar un equilibrio para garantizar a los ciudadanos madrileños una vida de calidad y evitar la turismofobiaEl se


. . Fins ara, l’equip directiu de la marca de Cervesa Premium inspirada en la Costa Brava, La Brava Beer, estava formada pels tres socis principals: Sergi Carmona, Paco Sánchez i Cesc Aliart, sense la qual la marca no existiria; però a partir del[...]
        Ja s’ha acabat la tercera edició dels Premis Cactus, la segona com a presidenta del Club de Màrqueting de Girona i la més espectacular fins la data. Mesos de feina s’han vist recompensats per una nit màgica[...]
Addictes, agencia oficial de Fissler Spain reunió a los medios de comunicación el pasado jueves 16 de marzo en la Escuela Hofmann de Barcelona, donde presentó las funcionalidades de los productos más destacados de Fissler, marca alemana a la que [...]


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The workout is perfect for the time poor, ensuring they sweat and stretch like never before, while providing an unbeatable workout for body and mind.
Carolus relocates to Taipei with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry.
The brand’s newest beachfront hotel represents Hilton Worldwide’s Return to Kauai
Designer Philippe Starck may be world-renowned for his household products, but many may be unaware of his involvement – and influence – in the hotel industry.

Bobbi Klein: 100% Unconventional

100% Unconventional

What if you did something today to lift someone up? What if you smiled and were the first to start a conversation? What if you decided to show compassion instead of judging? What if you decided to take a risk and a chance? What if you gave it your al[...]
So with the launch of the new app Meerkat and all of the people taking live video of their lives (even video of them going to Walgreens at 2 am), it has gotten me to believe that maybe some people have gone too far into the digital realm. Do we reall[...]
That is the question the Starbucks manager asked as I was ordering my americano. My reply was a succint and confident “Yes.” His look was stunned. “Really?” he said. “Without a doubt,” I replied “Would you ch[...]
The adventures and uncertainty make it all worthwhile. I love adventures- going on them, doing incredible things for the first time, and saying “Please don’t leave me at the top of this mountain.” It’s seeing the open road and[...]

Erica Santos


Olá!Meu portfólio está em um novo local.CLIQUE AQUI E se gostar do que viu, ficarei feliz em poder contribuir com a sua equipe.AbraçosErica Santos
Produção de jornal impresso para o Semasa, Companhia de Saneamento Básico do município de Santo André/SP.Visualização do jornal na íntegra: http://www.slideshare.net/EricaSantos_/jornal-semasa
Produção de jornal de Prestação de Contas 2012 da Prefeitura de Santo André.Visualização do jornal na íntegra: http://www.slideshare.net/EricaSantos_/prestao-de-contas-2012-prefeitura-de-santo-andr
Produção de jornal de Prestação de Contas 2012 da Prefeitura de Guarujá.Visualização do jornal na íntegra: http://www.slideshare.net/EricaSantos_/prestao-de-contas-2012-prefeitura-de-guaruj

Anneklien's Solo Travels and Adventures


I have heard alot of good reviews and good experience of other travellers about Budapest. My November getaway I have decided to spend a couple of days there. Let's wait and see what's all about these place that speaks of class and elegance. To start [...]
It was rainy morning when we set off from Haugesund to Oslo. Oslo was once on my bucketlist list and here I am heading to the Norwegian Capital City. We took the ferry from Arsvagen Fergeterminal and crossed the Stavanger Fjords.It was evening when w[...]
Its been 4 years when I visited Prague. Reminiscing the time I spent for  my Birthday weekend get away in Prague. It was a surprise gift given to me, its 2 days before my flight was the only time I have discovered where I'am heading. I've heard [...]
I have been to Stroud couple of times visiting friends but I didn't think anything special about it. Not until I saw a brochure about Stroud I didn't realised it has interesting place to explore. Stroud is located in South West of England in Gloucest[...]

Gastronómmica Blog 2.0


Nuestra nueva entrada es otro de los magníficos platos del Hotel-Restaurant Miralles, a quienes agradecemos que nos haya pasado la receta de tan exquisito plato. Lo podéis deleitar en www.hotelmiralles.com, en Horta de Sant Joan, Tarragona.Ing[...]
Hoy os presentamos una de las recetas del Hotel Miralles. www.hotelmiralles.comProfesionales de la buena gastronomía, de los productos de proximidad y del saber hacer con la materia prima que les da el territorio de la Terra Alta. Emp[...]
                                  Pudding con caramelo ©Gastronómmica Blog 2.0  
Todo a punto para recibir a The Spanish Food @TheSpanishFood y Huerto Gourmet @huertogourmet este fin de semana en el GASTROBLOG TRIP que les hemos preparado en el Hotel Miralles y el Hotel Les Capçades.EMOCIONADOS Y CON MUCHAS GANAS!!! Aquí tenéi[...]

Jambo Masai Tours and Safaris


website is currently unavailable (www.jambomasaitours.com) as we upload the new site (www.jambomaasai.com). Weapologize for any inconvenience this may causeWe Specialized Tour Operators in providing customized Private and Group Safari adventures that[...]
We Specialized Tour Operators in providing customized Private and Group Safari adventures that are unparalleled in the industry at affordable prices. We offer Tanzania, Africa wildlife Safaris, cultural tours, walking Safaris, Birding Safaris, Budget[...]
Jambo Masai Tours is a Tour Operator specializing in budget and luxury travel experiences in East Africa. To provide memorable holidays in Tanzania-East Africa, social and environmentally responsible, satisfying the needs of our clients and always ex[...]

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